January 11th, 2004



Bedhead? what bedhead? ... lol... Man.. I sooo need a hair cut.

It's just snowing to beat the band outside... cold, snowy... blustery and ick. And at this very moment there is some guy, with a couple of kids, and a wife, eaking out a reasonable existence ... on St. Thomas is the US Virgin Islands.

Oh... we had chinese fondue for dinner last night... you know, with the thin sliced beef and the hot beef broth to dunk the skewers in? All of us... It was a fun dinner and we all snuggled onto the sofa and watched Freaky Friday after dinner. Several good belli laughs later... and I'm reaching for kleenex at the end (I am such a crier at happy schmappy moments in movies... hell, I've cried over coke commercials... so go figure).

After the kids were a'bed we watched "Underworld"... the climactic moment with chicky and the sword... oh man that was heave worthy... talk about yer DVD freeze moment.

~ well stuff I managed to drag onto my bod when Geo dragged me outta bed.
~ pj pants and a three thousand year old sweat shirt... :D
~ hmm... well there's a shower in the plan...
~ teeth brushing would be good too...
~ maybe it's a cake-baking day... but I'm not sure I have 'nuf stuff... so maybe groceries too...
~ a NEW ALIAS is on tonight ... woooohoooo... :D
~ we could be trading weather patterns with teq... or maybe we should all just pack up and go to Australia for a few months...
~ and kumi... Journalism is an excellent field of study... you learn more than just how to be a journalist... you learn about looking... and about seeing. Most people don't get those concepts...
~ a wonderful on-line baby shower for my flavabean... the shan-pea... miss ectv... :D
~ a wee confidence building hug out to bardiva... a very bright light in my darkness.
~ to congratulate lil_sass on be'en published... go go sugar-ali...
~ that pics from missilv and lvglenn's Saturday entertainment work out... !!

I'm having fun with DVD Profiler (the free version)... Thanks nordicgrrl (NOTE: As I type this... the dvd profiler web site is down for regular maintenance... but check back... just the easter eggs make it worth your time. :D)

And a quick catch up for January's birthdays... and sorry for the lates!
Happy Birthday!!!
Jan 1: southseapearl a new friend and a curiously intriguing journal... have a wonderful year sugar.
Jan 2: brak55 a user actually older than me!! wow... :D I hope your family made it wonderful yo.
Jan 3: dawna friends for so long... and that's never gonna change. :D Have a great year sugar-D.
Jan 4: krzy may the year ahead bring you new choices and good friendship...
Jan 5: kimmellee All of my friends in LJ that are Moms! should add her NOW... :) Have a grand year Kim...
Jan 6: duhneese For a very-long-time lj friend... I wish all the best as this year sneaks past..
Jan 6: teasdale Your support has been a constant source of comfort... may you find as much support in your friends as I do. :D
Jan 9: pimpinthebox A curiously poetic friend ... Have a wonderful year and I do hope you keep up the journal.

And today!!!
Jan 11: dinkydo Shut up!!! er... no wait... don't ever shut up... You are without a doubt one of the most interesting and inspiring women I've met in journal land. May this year bring you closer to the choices that define you and let the successes that you find be ones of your choosing. I heart you in so many ways it's silly.
Jan 11: ofsilence Pride. I have a bunch... and find inspiration for a lot of it in you. May this year bring you the rewards you and Jess have earned.

get out of my swamp!

Well now...
today has been moving right along...
~ groceries,
~ kids spending oodles of time outside playing in the snow,
~ doing the I got a woman dance at walmart (buying feminine products)
~ and ... (the really big one for moi) ... I bought new boots. I've been wearing this god-spanking awful boots for four years... giant rubberized toes that made my feet feel like they ought to have webbing between the toes and clomping around like I have webs-between my brain cells... I finally have kinda nice boots that I can "step into" and "toe out of" (essential for hassle free boot lifestyle of a Canadian winter).
~ a new bag of bucks beans (and I'll take a tall dark to go please - er... no that doesn't mean I grabbed a brazillian goddess on the way out of Starbucks)
~ now it's time to start thinking about dinner... and whether or not there's a cake in my near future. I got loads of c-c-c-c-c-c-c-crap at the grocery store so maybe the cake can wait a few days... oh and I have to do some bleeding in a lab for a cholesterol test (sp?) so maybe I need to ease up a bit on the c-c-c... stuff.
~ John Lovitz... playing the ball-scout in the movie "A League Of Their Own"... freaking priceless...
"Ok so the way it works is the train moves... not the station."

Ok... enough. Time to scroll a shot of friends pages.

ps. you smiling? I'm smiling. I got new boots and a happy heart.
pps. the boots have only the smallest bit to do with said happy heart.... most of that is just that life is feeling like a bag of sixes these days. :D
ppps. Z and I are listening to Ed... peeling in laughter... downstairs watching the end of some kiddie show... what a wonderful sound.

dum di dum

~ stay healthy deedee...
~ oh man... I know that pain Luker!!! ended up replacing the whole bathroom ceiling... and adding a big ass vent to the roof...
~ and for my very treasured friend in sunny Mexico... my prayers and the prayers of my family are carried on the currents of friendship to grandma...
~ may there be an evening of peace in store for my sweet friend Jess!

Small package of drum sticks (chicken... d'oh)
Actually boil them in deep saucepan, covered, with only a half a cup of water... kinda steam baking... for 20 mins.
~ yank 'em out of there and rub them with mayo...
~ then shake 'em up good in a baggie thats full of totally-smashed-cornflakes...
~ bake 'em for 30 minutes.
Wholey freaking yummi. wowzers. and, of course, the kids are all over that.

There... how's that for random. :D