January 9th, 2004



The percentage of snowmobile owners that have a snowmobile for purposes related to required transportation versus sport has to be in the single digits. It's a vehicle that is thrust upon the masses of red necks, wannabe rednecks, and otherwise unsuspecting persons that has a single agenda... to wrap said person around the first tree it can. I mean... if you're 16 and have the cash... they'll rent you one... usually in a place that has a great many trees. Now I don't want you to think that there is anything wrong with strapping an eleven billion horse power high octane fuel burning engine to a wicked high torque tread system that happens to have a faux leather seat and handlebars... No... the problem is the damn trees. People, we have simply got to get rid of those trees. We have to make the luscious green space in our country safe for mindless drunks and hapless mental dorkmeisters to burn up the ice and snow on their snow devils... hmmm... or... but this is getting a little far fetched... we could make it illegal to operate the little beasts anywhere below the northern tree line. Hey... and you know... we should probably issue hand guns to snowmobile owners.

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans... [ :: and it's a friday, so... :: ]
~ b.u.m. tshirt and a heavy, cozy, warm sweater.
~ on meeting a new boss... I kinda got sold yesterday... it's in internal company thing. Moving over to more I.T.I.L. stuff.
~ to stay the hell away from the great outdoors... it's bloody - 43 degrees out there... and don't gimmi any of that "wind-my-diction-chill-factor-crap" (you're officers are already dead... )
~ that today brings some good answers to a very sweet, newish, and wholly wonderful friend... my lil_sass...
~ to thank crayolaphoenix for a good belli laugh this morning... squirrels... hahahaha.
~ that no1topaz gets to put her hair out... a flaming head can put a real kink in your weekend.

Now look... my journal is practically a back stage party at a Melissa Etheridge concert... and while I'm getting a lot of anecdotal responses to the [ :: "r. u. a. lesbian" :: ] poll I was hoping to get some buy in to the process by my lovely friends who just happen to be generally uninterested in the hairless apes... although you should see this guy, no ... that's off topic... The poll is motivated by curiosity and it's result will be nothing more sinister than to facilitate a way to try group friends entries for reading... On occasion I turn to "groups" to catch up on you guys... I have filters for "everyone on the west coast", "everyone in europe", "boys", "girls", "communities", etc. etc. etc.

ok... gotta go. Busy day ahead... in theory... I'll get back to you if that doesn't pan ... :D hahaha...

ps. I'm still loving her spanish songs...
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mmk... the guy that burned the popcorn in the kitchen here at work...

can we please peel the skin back from his chest and pour vinegar all over him?

awright? good.