January 8th, 2004



Ok... look I know I have a great slew of wonderful friends that live in Alaska and other
parts of the world that have well and truly earned their stripes in understanding just
what C-C-C-C-C-COLD is all about.
However, another big load of you are the wankers that have perma summer plastered all over your lives.
I wanna come live with you wankers... mmmk? :D
Sweet Mother Of Pearl!!! (as Edward says all-the-time, since reading a fab children’s book about pirates)
It's so god damned cold outside that everything EVERYTHING squeaks and makes steam... It's just weird.
Man holes on the roads are like silo's of steam ... and I don't even want to imagine what that means.

~ red stripee ftls
~ black sorta jeans
~ gray t-shirt
~ micro fiber kinda silky button up shirt
~ warm woolly sweater
~ wishes I had a ginormous thick fur coat
~ maybe even a big warm green dress... but not a real green dress, because that's cruel. (Hi reens)
~ to wonder the hell is up with HP ... that they can continue to operate with such a dogs breakfast for a phone system
~ sort out pricing and host tiers for a slew of OVO agents.
~ to find a live version of this song...
~ on whimpering quietly about how much money we have to spend on fixing up Z's car... gasp. (freaking maxima!)
~ more training course stuff...
~ to send a little journal love'en out to sneetches... just because she's deserve'en it!
~ to point out that chrissmari just wishes she was canadian!! :)
~ that the day brings good things to the world of phej... because he deserves good vibes for being a good guy. ... z'all. :)
~ the very best of karma to wrap itself around a real ray of sunshine ... one of my florida friends... raylenetaskoski
~ that my very favourite super traffic chique... the more-than-tolerable amyaustin has a wonderful day.
~ just a wee hope for my friend justvisiting to have a headache free day...

Do you know this song? Ignoring the message of the lyrics, it has got one of the most memorable opening
riffs in my personal history of live concerts. The first few moments of that song just make my toes ache.
K, so Brian Adams is what? about 80 now? and, from my point of view he has always been a giant walking pimple
but he's a local boy (went to a high school near my folks house actually) and there’s no denying the magic of his music.
I remember driving home from a cottage with a girl (debbydebbydebby) that was easily the best friend I ever made ... singing Jack and Diane.
(Edit:which is sung by John John the Cougar man - thanks Jersey boy - and I am a dork in so many ways it just kills me...
but I'm old, so I'm allowed to muddle memories like that! shhhhh)
Ok, I'll shut up now. :D

er... no I wont.
// I think every 20 year old that can afford it should rush out and get married and apply for an annulment right away...
and maybe, do it again the next weekend.
I mean ... FACE IT.. marriage is a nothing but a game and a tax break.
It used to be sacred... it even used to mean something to non-religious types... but now?
It's really just a way of scamming the government into giving you extra cash when you get old,
or justifying the fact that you want to play "What Fits In That Hole" with your main squeeze
and not having to 'splain yourself to the pencils around you that don't get to play. Right?
It's not as if it represents some kind of a connection between two people... let alone any sense of commitment.
Goodness knows it's got nothing to do with ensuring that a partner in life is able to be the person in death that holds you and cares for you...
I mean, if that was true then we'd have to let people decide who they wanted to marry and why... we can't have that now can we.
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