January 7th, 2004



Well we got off to a bizaro start today.
I cracked lids with a lazy thought about "where am I" and glanced at the clock.
Z and I have a king size bed... (oh god I love the huge bed) and every night Geo and Edward wake seperately and end up in our bed...
So I'm looking over Z, past Ed, feeling Geo somewhere behind me, and see a clock that says 8:10. No impact.
Z stirs with my motion and I ask her what day it is...
Ok... shower, shave, and dress while Z takes care of Geo (clothes, brekki and lunch packing)
Geo and I snap a pic and it's out at 8:40.
Go us.
I get little man to school and zoom off to a mechanics shop that we took Z's car to last night (battery problem)
and give them keys and get sorted on them doing a bunch of stuff to her car...
Then I figure... you know... it's like 9:20, so traffic will be eased up... right? right????
Well have you ever been at the end of a long line of traffic and thought...
"There better be dead burnt bodies up ahead to justify all this snarl!!!"
only to find... NOTHING. Dorks.
Just me and whole bunch of other people turning the roads into the Mean Streets of I'm Late.

~ black ftls
~ dk beige dockers
~ black t under a thick blue turtleneck.
~ (blue and beige always makes me think of early Letterman...)
~ finish another segment of a PM on-line training course.
~ take stock of the lab hardware we have for getting some new HP OV set up.
~ put moisture lotion on my sandpaper hands... another reason I hate January.
~ write a letter to a bank... oh the joy.
~ to send a little shout out to celtic_bairn... :D
~ things warm up in Texas for my little pook... pookfreak.
~ for a few good vibes to find my friend wrapper... a brother making hard choices.
~ loads of karma to a very sweet friend... and a very good woman... missy pixiecup.
~ that daikan, one of my forever friends... finds what she needs.
~ that things continue to improve for little Hanna... the daughter of a friend of my Las Vegas Lawyer... lvglenn... and yeah, he's My Lawyer when I'm in Las Vegas... 'cause that happens so often... :D

I wish I had time to setup a poll... Maybe at lunch... :)

Go check this out... it'll only take you a moment... [ :: hahahaha :: ] and thanks sylph for the link. :D

ps. do you grok "lucious jackson"? They made beautiful songs... I really should look and see if they made more since the last time I looked.
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(no subject)

Let me tell you a little story...
(and it's not about a man named Jed)

It's about chocolate sauce... sorta.

Do you know what a sippy cup is?
It's a little plastic cup with a snap on lid that has a wee spout.
Kinda helps with the whole "don't spill that in there" issues that go hand in hand with having children ... and carpets.

Sippy cups make fabulous little shaken'not'stirred devices.
~ Pour in water, spoon in a bit of (for example) koolaid mix.
~ afix the lid.
~ put thumb over wee spout opening.
~ shake it like a polaroid picture.
~ voila!

After dinner... Geo asks about dessert and I, ever the magnanamous host...
offers ice cream and chocolate sauce. (Geo dearly loves choco sauce, but we are, alas, out!)

His peels of agreement are met with my grabbing a sippy cup.
~ Add a little milk... microwave till rather steamy.
~ Add a very generous scoop of nestlies quick.
~ Afix the lid.
~ Put thumb over wee spout opening.
* Warning! Professional race car driver and closed track. *
(do not try this at home.)
~ and shake it like a ... well, you know the drill.

Now... a dramatically large area, around the sink, walls, floor... and, of course, your's truly,
is absolutely painted with choco sauce.

Lesson for today.
Hot milk... and nestlies quick... when shaken, increases volume due to bubble creation, in a massive ... massive way.

Fun eh.

(no subject)

It is - so far - the coldest night of the season.

It was garbage day today... we have plastic cans with lids...
You have to be careful with the gabage cans because they might shatter (well, ok, that's a bit overboard, but one good bump and a chunk will crack right off!).

Are you a West Wing fan?
It was new tonight... :D

We're off to watch the tape now...
I hope your night is going well ... whereever you are.