January 5th, 2004



This radio station in Ottawa... the "Hit" radio station - which losely translates into endless crap that includes way too many guys in satin bowling shirts spitting on their microphones - they have a "loser line" phone number (613 -723-9396) that you give to someone when they ask for your number and you'd rather they fuck off. It's an answering machine and the message tells the caller... "you've reached the loser line...etc." and they play the messages on their morning show. Dude... the messages are some funny shit. :) (this is the [ :: web link to the Loser Line :: ] thing at their web site...

Splitney Beers was just joking around and it went too far. uh huh... sounds like what she said about that time in the locker room with the football team... and she had smelly burps for weeks after that. I wonder what part of her will stink after the Weekend Wedding. She really oughtta marry Clay Aiken ... then they can rub their plastic parts together to generate heat.

~ black stripey ftsl
~ black sorta kinda jeans
~ nice colarless shirt
~ big comfry new sweater, thick knit and beige
~ several meetings to get the new year started... !!!!!
~ bang - zooom out of here after lunch to find my way to Arnprior (town very west of where I live... which is distinctly west of where I work... so it's a long way to go) for an appointment with a hernia doc... (If I agreed to go to Arnprior, I would ensure an appointment sooner versus a lot later...)
~ still trying to see a guy about a horse... but it's looking dim.
~ a happy birthday wish for little Faith... (that's jennfromtx little darl'en girl)
~ a big congrats out to serpah on the bump. That's gotta feel good yo!
~ my friend wbahner's Lucy shakes the cough... I sooooo know what a hassel the never ending cough can be.
~ oh, and a slightly random wish for good fortune for a superhero girl... fallingforward... :D
~ to slip a word in for a friend khisanth... squeeze.

It's cold.
It's dark...
The sun is hiding
and the snow is squeeky.
There is ice everywhere.
Do you live in perpetual summer?
I hate you... please ask me to come live with you.
I'll rub your back... a lot...
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and a couple of smaller things... one is called a "romeo and juliette" and other just looks like a joint - although its brown like cigar material...

Now if only I appreciated them... :D

I'll be giving them to a friend that does...


alrighti then...

So far, the plan is for me to go under the knife on February 16.
That's when I'm sched'd to get the hernia dealt with.
That is due primarily to the fact that I'm willing to drive to Arnprior for the surgery.
It's with the same doctor that did my previous hernia in Ottawa but he has a practice at the Arnprior Hospital as well.
If I wanted it to be done here... I'd be waiting till May.

If the ultrasound of the jewels shows anything dramatic...
that will be an operation "merged" with the hernia...
Apparently they access both though the same SLICE INTO MY BODY.
please join me in a chorus of "blech".

Having rights to a heart felt "been there, done that" for a hernia operation,
I'm just say'en... the "blech" is well rooted in fact! It hurts, it's gross and it's a long recovery.
(or you just mess it up again!)
and as for the jewels... I cannot even begin to imagine how much of a drag an operation there will be.

Arnprior is lovely ...
that may only be because I'm the sort that passes through...
I've no idea what the locals think of their little town.
Church steeples seem to be everywhere... Architecture older than Jupiter...
Street names have copious W's, and K's and a bucket full of them end in vowels.... um... like "Madawaska Boulevard".

And it's about a 30 minute drive (with no traffic) away.
That is because we live on the western edge of Ottawa
and Arnprior is to the west...
Note: my office is 45 minutes to the East

Note2: I entertained myself on the drive home by making up dialogue between Martha Stewart and Captain Picard, as if they were stuck in a shuttle craft for an extended period of time.

Note3: Captain Picard, saying "make it so" to every goofy idea Martha comes up with for decorating a celebratory dinner table would likely drive her emit many little kooo'ing noises and require several panty liner changes...

Note 4: Used panty liners would look terrible arranged artfully above the Hull Integrity Reconfiguration Panel of a Star Cruiser class shuttle craft. (even if you stamp them with patterns carved into raw potatoes.)