January 4th, 2004


Hola muchachos et muchachas...

I was laughing at myself ... taking very silly pictures...
almost subjected you to one of the goofy ones but decided on the laugh instead.
[ :: goofy one :: ] [ :: goofy two :: ] [ :: goofy three :: ]

So The Brat got married... which of course means that she had actual sex last night... er... does she have a virginia or is she just smooth plastic like the rest of the barbi dolls... oh wait... she's the queen of camel toe... so I guess there's something there... :)

~ wake up fashions... wrinkled pj pants and a hoodie. :D
~ um... advil (alas)
~ go taboganing? (sp?) with the boys... depends on the snow...
~ have my nephew over later...
~ more cleaning... and probably more cooking...
~ is Alias on tonight... I'll have to check the guide... (stamps foot) I want a new alias!!!
~ for some better vibes to wash over my friend kimberly27616
~ that fairplay would hurry up and return to the world of one of my journal friends... it really is unforgivable to purposely put protected post info from someone elses journal out in an unprotected post.
~ for fewer boulders in the future of my lil'lynspin... (lynspin)
~ to just smile about how much I'm enjoying my new friend's journal... Good morning lil_sass... and have a great day sugar.
~ and to send a little whistle out to lillyblossom... may all your dreams come true.

Random thought: There's a reason why people refer to the media as sharks... and it's not complimentary.

Find the time...
Make the space...
Your life is never too full for empathy,
and you just may learn something.

(no subject)

Like most good tobaganing adventures...
this one ended with children crying and clutching at their various body parts as a sled wrapped itself around a smallish evergreen.
There is so much ice...
and no lack of wind.
Noses were drippy
and cheeks were red
and Edward and I kept catching AIR over that last little bump. :D

My ass will be so damn sore tomorrow. hahaha...

Anyways... just saying Hi and marking a spot. :D

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Tonight we went to dinner at the restaurant that was named on the reward George received at the Hockey Game when he danced his heart out for the "dance for your dinner" thing...

We had a time explaining to the boys that mommy and daddy's dinner would be rather expensive compared to the cost of the kids meals, hence we would be using the "dinner for two" coupon for our meals and simply pay cash for theirs. :D

We had pop all around - save for Z who enjoyed a glass of wine, and an appetizer.
Salads - Geo loves salad, and the cesar salad was big enough to be a meal for two people.
Cheesy garlic bread - a pox on whoever thought pre-slicing the mini loaf on an acute angle would be classy.
Chicken strips and fries for the boys
Salmon for Z
and a thick and rare steak for yours truly. (as in, I rarely eat steak and when I do... it's rare)
Then chocolate desserts that would make your eyes sweat.

Then the bill...
For $6.00.
The gave us everything except the wine ... off the coupon. :D
So we tipped like mad and came home to feel like stuffed peppers.

A wonderful end to a couple of weeks of blissful vacation.

Now the boys are in bed and it's time to work on a little A Day In My Life project for a new friend.

I do hope you have had nice vacation... See you when the sun comes up! :D