January 3rd, 2004


hola! :D

That would be me, feeling a bit like ass, and putting a Band-Aid on Eds finger.
Of course, the problem with his finger is pretty well non existent but it's enough for him to say "Ahhhh I want a Band-Aid"

I'm at a breaking point with this freaking family but maybe another cup of coffee will change all that.
No really... it's all good, but today has started with something less than a big bag of fun sticks.

The face-off came over a lego set that Geo had built two days ago... in the family room, middle of the floor.
Ed wanted to play with it and Geo went into this deal about how it was never going to be taken apart.
I tried to reason with him...
I tried to work some of that logic-magic where kids reach the conclusion you want them too all by themselves...
and that was going nowhere fast.
I ended it by dropping the castle from about five feet into the lego box it came in.
It smashed into it's little lego components and Geo dissolved and made loads of noise from his bed.
And before you think I'm a dragon... shut up and walk in my shoes for a day...

Anyways, that's all ancient history now...
The other three lego kits they got at christmas are still in packages
and they are playing game cube right now ... no more tears and no more pissyness.
And a couple of lessons learned.

Sometimes, to make an omelet you gotta break a few lego castles.

~ well, nothing but a housecoat actually.
~ shower, and dress like a slob!
~ to take down a christmas tree...
~ see a man about a horse.
~ it's saturday... hm... oh yeah... prol'y the last saturday you'll see me on-line for ages. :D (computer free saturday returns next week!)
~ to congratulate jennfromtx on the anniversary she is sharing with her little miracle angel Faith
~ that the southern-bell-sugar-bowl dinkydo remembers to drop all pens until January 12!!
~ a quick congrats to iamharmony on making the grade!
~ and to agree with wolfiegirl... it is a crazy world.
~ oh, and fireflieslie edit er... I mean sixtyten and yes, I feel like a dolt.... shhhh... he'll be home soon.

I have to take the camera back today... 2 weeks no questions asked policy on Digital Cameras versus 30 days for everything else... and my camera is still a couple of weeks away from getting back from the mfg's repair shop. So it looks like I'll be buying another camera... :)

Sometimes I could scream... do you know that?
Yeah you did... you know why?
Because sometimes you could just scream too.
It's one of the great levelers... we all get to that point.
The differences, I suppose, are wrapped up in how we talk ourselves down again.

k... I gotta go take a shower. :)
See ya.

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pizza is in the oven...
four children are in the basement.
unfortunately for us, they are alive and kicking... (er and making strange grunting noises, btw)
as opposed to ... you know... "burried" in the basement.
Two of them belong to someone else...
and all four will be eating shortly.

thank goodness for the concept of self-entertaining-children.
this was a saturday in need of rebooting my senses.