January 1st, 2004



... and so it starts. :D

I was, once again, captured by the thoughts of how disconnected friends in Lj can be.
When I read... friends pages, I have to remind myself that you all don't know each other.
My brain, when it's not paying close attention - which is actually rather often - assumes
that the world of lj is like a big party room with people milling about and talking about their
worlds. Then I am reminded; so many of my friends live in bubbles completely cut off from
most of the other friends, like a large building of small rooms. Indeed, there are a great
many connections... many of my friends know one another. But there are so many of you
that have almost no other common friends. I'm just talking about this because
I think it's amazing... and becuase I just love-to-pieces trying to get to know you guys.
So many interesting people, from so many walks of life.

So many differences... yet so very much the same.

~ red ftls
~ pj pants
~ hoody sweat shirt :D
~ lazy person warnings... !!!
~ shower in a bit...
~ bring z some coffee and kiss her eyes awake
~ take care of my little geo... he's acting a bit off... still not great in the tummy dept.
~ some house cleaning... I think I'll do bathrooms today...
~ dinner at my units house today.
~ for one of my bestest ever lj friends (ladyfire) to have a fantastic, outstanding, and wonderful 2004. You're earning it with 2003 sugar.!!
~ to just clap a hand on my buddy inspectorjury's shoulder and say "word!!!"
~ for a decided lack of dateline style news items to come from the life and times of kristenactually and her family!

Another year...
If you're getting sick of these morning pics
and my constant rambling... feel free to
disconnect. I wont take it personally.
I'd get sick of me after all this time... :D


Happy Birthday!
:D just a few short bits to remember that a few of my friends got older recently...

Just a wee bit late!! from yesterday December 31
aunticrist! Happy Birthday... I hope you're enjoying the family zone in NY and that this next year brings ever more wisdom to your door.
And bulvai, it's nice to see you around... :D I hope the birthday went great and that you enjoy the year ahead.
Happy birthday also to Doug! (dpaul007)... hows that coffee maker? does it drip when you pour a coffee? :D I do hope you have a grand year and make loads of memories woth keeping...
And to Jen... (reminisce71) Please accept my deepest wishes for your birthday to kick off a year of renewal, strength and success in the private world of you. Happy Birthday sugar...

southseapearl Well pearly-girl... have a great day and I hope the year gives you several great reasons to dance with the swing of a happy little pearl!

And brak55 I'm getting one in early! Happy Birthday (tomorrow!!!) my friend and I join you whole heartedly in the banning of the word "bling" (for anything except a cute dog!). Have a great day and may the year ahead be worth remembering for all the right reasons.



~ I put up a new cam archive at www.corto.ca/corto (my playground!) [ :: gallery 2 set 4 :: ]

~ a small and quiet bit of wishful hoping out for a special good friend... fingers are crossed DeeDee...

~ is the Livejournal commercial not the coolest... :D ar ar ar...
[ :: see the commercial here :: ] [ :: and read about it here :: ]

~ the phrase "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" comes to mind sometimes... and usually when people are overly critical of recreational drug (read: pot) usage.

~ I have to work tomorrow... First day since... er... well a while ago. :D Alas, I have to sign out at lunch because I have an afternoon doctor appointment.