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eod... :D

ok... done.

Made the mistake of eating a cracker and hitting that tooth just so...
it's still messed up... (but it'll be a week before I go back to see Mengela)
In the mean time... I'll just have to... use the other teeth. :D

Let me point to this... ::::::::::::::[razberee]::::::::::::::::::
Is she ever freaking cute... I love that picture...
Yes, that is razzberee

I mean... every body already knows I'm bonkers for lips... and Mari has really very beautiful lips. :D

hahaa... I watch TV on tape... rarely watch my fav shows when they're on... This is the life of a parent.
So when I'm zooming through the commercials... I stop and watch the lipstick commercials...
Basically, they're porn to me... purrrrrr

::::::::::::::[ end of day me ]:::::::::::::::::

So besides the tooth thing... today was pretty good. :D
got to talk to a few friends...
get some work done...
be warm instead of cold (always a good thing)
and I get to leave in a moment!!! :D

Survivor Moment

Can you freaking believe how hard core Jeff went after Jerri... holy crap... If he had walked up to her and shoved a pencil up her nose... it would have been no worse. And if you think this leads me to a "poor Jerri" moment... well... you'd be wrong. She's made her fame and played it to the hilt. But back to Jeff... We can really tell how they edit him when they run the episodes... His little Chandler Bing up-tone-talk thing was VERY annoying.... and I swear he was gonna walk over and just start necking with Colby...
I'm glad the million dollar winner was who it was... but I sure wish it was Rob C. ... and he didn't even make the final four.
Lex and Tom are just disappointing... bottom line...
Oh... and AND what the fuck is with the votes for Amber as the hottest Survivor Chick... that's totally WRONG... Sara had a much better body and Colleen Haskell has it over every single one of them for the cuteness factor... geeze.
Do yourself a favour and go look up stuff about Vanuatu on the net... what a beautiful part of the planet... wow! (um.. Vanuatu... location for Survivor 9). :D
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