Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Birthday Katchup

Ok... I'm terribly behind...
So let me set that right...

Back on May 10...
chappell I know we're kinda new friends... but I value the guys I meet here huge... so damn few of us... hahaha... ok ok ... Happy Late Birthday dude and I hope you have a great year ahead. :D

cynica Happy late Birthday sugar ... You're a great source of say'en what you feel and it's a great quality in a friend... I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that the next year makes some great memories for you to cherrish. :D

And only marginally less late... May 11,
farnorth I know you don't have much time for this lately... but whether you see this or not... I do wish you the best of years ahead and hope you had a great birthday.

Closer closer... May 12!!
just1girl Happy Birthday sweet Karin... You've been such a good friend and always so ready to lend a helping hand... I want to say how much I appreciate your help but I'm sure it would sound simpering... :D :D May you have a wonderful year ahead full of self discovery and opportunity...

queenee - Happy Birthday Shauna... I hope this next year gives you renewed faith and all the best reasons to carry the confidence that allows life to be a joy ride. I do hope you enjoyed your birthday day... and I hope we can hold that thread of friendship that slips through the wires bringing people like us together in lj. :D

There I go again...
saving the best for last... :D
Yesterday... May 13.
sneetches Happy Birthday Marianne... from the bottom of my heart to the very top of yours... I hope there is great joy in store for you and your sweet little Cait... You've earned the comfort of peace in your world and I just know this is going to be a wonderful year filled with love and friendship for you. You are a treasure in my world of friends... so I'm going to selfishly wish that we stay friends for ever and ever and ever...

Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Chap, Cyn, Chuck (the three C's), Karin, Shauna and Marianne... Happy Birthday to you...

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