December 31st, 2003



only because it's been too long since the last time I made fun of him...

We are in the final 24 hours of 2003... the countdown is on till the clock strikes 15 minutes in the life and times of Clay Aiken, may she find happiness in her next career move. :D

ps. Toblerone is actually a swiss health food product and contains a complete spread of daily nutrition.

Other than that... it's just about night night time.

Come to bed!!

Last Morning Post of 2003

~ Good riddance 2003 ~

Clearly a year worth putting behind me.
Not only was the world stage showing a terrible play with crummy leads
but my own corner of the universe was plagued by work hassels, and family medical calamities.
I am looking forward to 2004 ... because anything would to be a step up from 2003.

There is no denying that there has been a great deal of happiness in my life over the
last 12 months... but that has been a happiness of my own making. Electing to take
a path that gives my life journey something to smile about, builds on the notion
of hope and makes all the room possible for love and comittement has paid off well.
However, that was due to the efforts of the people I love and my own dedication.

the year itself... sucked!
War, terror, disease, fear and ruin... these are the milestones of 2003 and
they are the sorts of things that are absolutely out of any one persons control
but, unfortunately, not out of sight.

Good bye 2003 ... may you be a low point from which we all rise up and find the sun.

~ green ftls
~ blue jeans
~ gray t and a comfy bluenotes sweater.
~ to take my SIL's computer back to her...
~ drop in on my BIL and install a firewire card... they got a new MiniDV Cam for christmas so it's time for them to learn how to edit video!
~ and sort out some serious cooking.
~ dinner tonight will be a family affair with my MIL. We're having Rainbow Trout Cajun style, with fresh shrimp cooked in garlic and spices. Fancy carrots (it's all in the way you slice 'em) zuccini (sp?) and rice. I'll have to think about dessert... maybe I can dig into my new cake recipe book and make a moose of some sort... er... Has anybody read "If you give a moose a muffin" to their kids? or how about "If you give a pig a pancake" ??? They are so cute!!
~ to ring in the new year with the boys and zebra... here in our little home.
~ my friends... I wish for you to have a wonderful year ahead.
May your lives turn down and up pathways that are filled with happiness and good health.

My only new years resolution is to continue to love my friends and family as much as I possibly can...
and maybe work on that patience thing with the kids a bit. :D

Hey... remember the big deal I was making about getting a Satellite dish? Yeah, well the other day I was noticing that the signal was all toasted (it was the middle of the night)... I called up and started making noise about it. Seems they had made a mistake and started up my account as a French language customer... despite all the paperwork to the contrary. Worse still, they had sent me my first bill - the bill for two months service ... all detailed in french. So the "signal problem" was a result of resetting my account to an english one which - for some reason - required the sat-account to be reinitialized.
Well all of that to say... I made them feel guilty about it... and landed another $100 in credits... bwaahahahahahaa... I just ripped up that bill, as per their request, and was informed that I am about $30 in the black with them... This just keeps getting better. :D

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ps. can anyone tell me about RSS... and the concept behind "syndicated feeds"? or point me to a reasonable page that explains stuff?


Show Me Something Wonderful

The evening of endings and beginnings.

With it comes the sound of rain drops
Falling as if the heavens wept

Tears of joy for the beginning
Salty reminders of what has ended

And here we stand

Our faces saying as one;
"Show me something wonderful"

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Great dinner!!! My brother and my MIL joined us... and we feasted!!!
MIL took flight at about 9:30 and my bro left about a half hour ago...
Now we'll ring in the NY with the kids and champaign... then put
the little monsters to bed.
A very comfortable and enjoyable night. :)
Oh and please welcome the admiral to this dinner party.
Was actually going to watch "High Fidelity" while we (the kids included) assembled this huge lego thing (dragon set).
Jack Black gets about 6 "Fucks" out in the first 87 seconds of his part and click ... lets watch batman. :)

See you soon...