December 29th, 2003


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um... about that hockey post... does the video work? It comes up as a sound only file for a friend and I'm wondering how wide spread that problem is!! ??

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Did you get up and go to work today? ug... sorry about that. The people I work for closed their offices today... and told us all to take vacation time in lieu... lovely. So it's 11:42 and I'm still in my house coat... but that changes soon! :D

What a great day yesterday was... :D giggle!!!

Now... today is all about Lord Of The Rings. More on that later!

~ er... well a housecoat. I'm kinda jipp'en ya with the nothing on thing eh... :D
~ shower and clean up as best as I can... considering it's a vacation.
~ pick a spot in the house and clean it...
~ play with the boys...
~ plot to sell the boys to gypsies!!! shhhh... sometimes... gah! LOL!
~ take boys to my moms house after dinner
~ sneak away to LOTR ROTK with zebra and ENJOY THE SHOW!!!
~ to say a little merry christmas to razzberee and thank her for another year of great pictures.
~ for a wonderful day to wrap around my friend cherripop212
~ and to point out that pixiecup looks like a girl, brown hair and all!
~ to give a shout out to pasticcio... just cause she's a doll
~ and to sing La La La... to rini as I take a snow week!
~ and finally, to welcome another friend... Miss lil_sass.

My pppoe crashed out hard last night... I dunno if my service provider is just wack or if it's my DSL router/modem thing... but it only happens, like, once every 4 months or so... I want to expect perfect service... and I'll have to look into the competitions prices... because one of the reasons I chose was their amazing infrastructure and proposed "perfect service". I know I pay a lot for the link... we'll see.

Bottom line: the big news post yesterday with the pics and vid of George is back on line... :D

It's Monday and if you're at work, you have my sympathy. I know somebody has to do all the hard stuff today... and I'm just glad it's not me. My brain is stuck in neutral right now.

Have a wonderful day and I'll see ya later.