December 28th, 2003


Good Moron'ng. :D

Hiya... did you sleep well? k'mere... it's smoosh time!
(I like that word Angela!!)
'bet yer getting sick of the bedhead shots... :D

A bagel, rice crispies, pancakes and protien milk shakes... yeah, sunday breakfasts are a far cry from "here's an eggo" for the little guys in my house.

We started watching "true lies" in the middle of the night... Tom whatever-his-name-is, Rosanne-the-car-wreck's ex hubby.. I loved him in that movie... He's a good comedic actor. (go ahead and call me crazy... :D) However, 3:00 rolled around and I needed to find my bed.

Now a big day of busy is ahead... and I need to be on my toes... two little boys and a HUGE hockey stadium!! Oh and I'm bringing my new binocs to the game. We got 300 level seating... not sure how bad or good that will turn out to be.

~ er... a house coat...
~ and a smile... :D
~ shower!!!
~ dress for Game Day
~ vacuum and wash the floors on the main floor... mini "chore" moment.
~ go to a hockey game with two little boys and a camera!
~ zoom from hockey to the birthday party for my best-man's little boy...
~ then see what the evening brings.
~ to just wave a bit at crismissinapril and comment that the hair looks cute!!
~ that my friend crayolaphoenix has a good day ... and hopes she can beat the nicotine demons...
~ for a peaceful heart to find dear kimberly27616 and I'm glad you made it home safe.
~ a whole bunch of "just because" wishes to fallingforward because she is so very sweet
~ to welcome a couple of new friends... the girl that makes me say geez (amy) and the girl that makes me go hmmm redragon.
~ and a sugar drenched wish to wolfiegirl ... it's not here yet but I sure am feeling lucky. :D
~ for fun and games to wash over justvisiting and backup-plans help keep the "fun" in all that...
~ A Rock? Well, reens, at least it wasn't a lump of coal. :D
~ and a small wave out to ladonne.... ?

Yeah... sometimes you have to hold it in for a while and be sure of what you feel.
Other times you need to spill and then look at the mess to understand it.
We'll see...

I have had a grand christmas season...
Now the annual lackluster New Years eve deal is around the corner.
We have done pretty well nothing for the past couple of years and this year will, no doubt, be more of the same.
And in my heart... that's ok. I will look forward to a year with a dinner party and friends... just likely not this year.

Hockey Night In Kanata!

Ok... sometimes the world just bends in on itself and
bounces out with the most remarkable results.

When we arrived at the hockey game... (Edward, George and myself)
we set about finding our way to section 318, and our "row D" seats.
Fair seats and surrounded by hockey fans.
~ versus "surrounded by people that can afford seats in the club zone".

By the time we had our coats off and were getting settled I happened
to see a coworker from the last company I worked at and he was
shouldering a rather hefty camera. He was working "casual" at the
hockey games with the promotions department.
He and I waved and next thing I know he's put the three of us on the
jumbo tron for a quick wave. At this point I thought "cool! what are
the chances of that happening!" and felt all impressed.

(click the thumbnail to see the full image!)

Well this was really only the beginning. :D :D :D
(those smilies are me trying to contain myself!!!)

Next thing we know this friend and some young woman are
waving to us and gesturing for us to come over. We do and
they ask (first to me, then to George) if George would like to
participate in the "Dance For Your Dinner, Crazy Dance Contest".
I don't go to many hockey games but I get the idea...
two little kids are selected to dance on split screen jumbo tron to
a musical zinger and the audience makes all kinds of noise to crown
one the winner.

After a moment of personal doubt (we're talking strange people
with big camera - AND a maximum capacity sold out hockey arena!!)
Geo steeled himself and decided to do it!!

[ :: this is a 2.7 mg movie file - wmv - of Geo doing the crazy dance thing!! :: ]

[ :: and this is the same video but encoded to for ealier versions of the windows media player - slightly lower quality and only 1.6 megs :: ]

I stopped recording video because I wanted to get a snap of him on the JUMBO TRON...

After the dancing ... comes the voting... and I only had eyes for
Geo so I had no idea how the other little dancer had done...
But they call for the crowd to cheer for her first and there is a big noise!!!
Then they call for Geo's cheers... and my god!! There came the sound of thunder.
George was about to explode with pride (not to mention how I was feeling...).
He won and they gave him an envelop with a letter and a coupon for
"dinner for two" at this very nice restaurant in the hotel near the Corel Center. !!!!

This is him just after getting the envelop...

When we returned to our seats... all the people in our section made a big
deal about cheering and congratulating him. We even ran into some little
guy that Geo goes to school with who clapped him on the back with a "good job"...

We managed to run into "SpartiCat" the team mascot and snapped up a picture...

... and otherwise fully enjoyed our trip to the hockey game!!

Note: this was one of those moments... one of the small things that happen
in a child’s life that instill something deeply in his little mind about confidence
and capability. He was afraid to do this... but decided to do it anyways and
then really got into it! I was beside myself with pride. :D

edit: The Senators won!