December 27th, 2003


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gah!@ would someone please stem the neverending tide of paris hilton subject line spam ... paw-leeeese! enough already.

wohoo... it's a Saturday... and here I am... Suz decided that computer-free saturday takes a break on the Christmas holidays. Now that could have been intended as a kid thing... but I'm not say'en a word! :D

I woke up this morning to Geo beside the bed... He had been IN the bed... there he was... standing there holding his hand in the air like it was a foreign object. (the following is TMI and you may want to just skip on past!!!) He officially has the tummy flu and he discovered on his own that farting is a lousy idea when you have the tummy flu... and of course, he has to check. Hence the fingers... "DAD!!!" So I'm up washing underpants and him and then me... and grrrr... I did not want to wake up! Any ways... HE NEEDS TO GET BETTER... we have Hockey Tickets to the game tomorrow afternoon!!!!

~ old black hoodie
~ pj pants
~ comfy sox...
~ falling into my bed and pretending to sleep ...
~ shopping for a gamecube game...
~ trying to talk someone into going to ROTK
~ bathroom cleaning...
~ some good wishes to a good friend, mysticchyna... going with the flow.
~ to point out that I can never get enough of the wolfiegirl... pooper included.
~ that my friend, dpaul007 feels better... and keeps a wet-wipe beside the monitor.

You know... this is wicked corney... but when I troll around in my friends pages... I am wandering through a crowd of amazing people. The women are so beautiful, and sublime... The men are cool, interesting and never fail to impress me. There is so much that is good and precious about you guys.... I wish I could buy you all a coke. (hoping you get the reference)

Have a wonderful Saturday.

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so two days ago I'm reading about how a bunch of young women in Iran were arrested and JAILED because they were performing folk dances for an all girl audience... The state (aka crazy fuckers) had apparently sanctioned the performance but changed their mind for the second night of the show.

Now 20,000 (that's what the paper is saying) dead from an earthquake and IRAN is demanding the international community come to their aid... guess their not all that worried about folk dancers right now...

and I'm sorry if that's heartless but I'm a bit more concerned about mud slides in California... Iran is going to be IRAN in a month.
Same fucking nutjobs they are today.
~ and can you guess how much they will spend on saving their own people?


the hills are alive
with the sound of music...

So "The Sound of Music" (aka How Julie The Nun Got Laid At Christmas and aaka "Why We Hate Little Nazi Peckers") is on...
and of course, I keep imagining Ewan McGregor talking to a midget and a narcoleptic Argentinian...

um... ok, never mind.
Hows your day?
My headache has persisted through advil and good eating...
I even had a nap...
Personally, I'm pretty sure it's a SRH but that just get's complicated.


I wanted desperately to go to ROTK tonight but that didn't work out... now I'm guessing it's Daddy zone stuff - getting the kids to bed and vegging with various sources of entertainment. We bought "Super Smash Brothers" for the Cube because George was about ready to shit himself over it... (he likes it) and wanted to try out Monkey Ball 2 but that game is NWTBF until the after-christmas restocking has taken place... :D

k... later amigas ... and amigos...

uh huh...

(k... I'm writing in response to something I've read... but mostly I'm just letting my fingers to the talking...)

Not a rant... not a sermon... just talk.

The christians didn't start Christmas... the Late December ritual Saturnalia was a pagan celebration;
see [ :: :: ]

And Jesus's existance is far from "well documented in legal texts"... why do you think there was such a big ass deal about the shroud of turin (sp?) or that recent (proven fake) engraving found on an ancient burial box... Jesus is not a well documented rabbi.

And you would be hard pressed to recount just what it was that the dead-sea-scrolls actually say about the history that was then re-written by several scholars into the text that formed the source for the King James Bible.

Do not be angry... I - of course - welcome you're celebration of your faith... and I would never begrudge or deny your right to it. Your beliefs are your own and you are welcome to them... (to borrow a phrase) I would lay down my life defending your right to make free choices.

In that same spirit... I chose to consider organized religion .... to be bunk.
To paraphrase Douglas Adams... "Why do otherwise intelegent people believe in this stuff?"
And I will claim my right to feel that way.

If it offends you to know that I - and I'm speaking generically here to anyone reading - feel this way about religion... grow up and get a life... being "offended" at another persons beliefs or expression there of is exactly what lays at the root of most of the historically significant conflicts... (just look at Ireland!!).

My christmas message began by recognizing that Christianity has hijacked Christmas as their own... and while that may be fine... the vast majority of it's celebrants are not engaged in the execution of a religious holiday... they are celebrating the Day! How many - as a percentage of the population - went to church on christmas?

I went on to talk about how I felt the true beauty of the day was that it ignores all gender, faith and race lines in our culture and gives even the most cold hearted or jaded individuals the excuse he or she needs to explore the glory of love, friendship and charity.

That was the message...

It was not a rant or a dig against religion or christianity.

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I could fill a fish bowl with the tears I shed... year after year... watching "the sound of music".

Edward just said (and I'm not fibbing!!) "Daddy? why do my eyes get wet when they're singing?"