December 26th, 2003


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I know I'm the last one to get this...
but there sure is a lot of West Wing
in the movie "The American President".
~ it being written by Aaron Sorkin is, of course, the big gong noise going off.

Another day gone and still no Pirates of the Cariboo, or, more painfully, no ROTK!
I really have to do something about this! :D

Night lj.

... the day after...

Christmas was classically kid centric... and although Ed was under the high water mark for health, we all managed to have a great day. With both families in town it makes for seriousl juggling to see everybody and not drive the kids mental. :)

Edward slept in till about 25 minutes ago ... long sleep for him but he's on the mend and sleep is good. Breakfast for him is a hot dog, heated up in the microwave, cut into little sections, each with a toothpick in it, arranged around a central blob of ketchup. This is a far cry from him not wanting to eat anything...

Geo, of course, has a tummy ache... we'll see where that leads.

~ blue ftls
~ plaid pj pants... [ :: and there is really not one little thing sexi about them :: ] but they are sooooooo comfortable!
~ and a 300 year old red sweatshirt.
~ to get up and go make a bagal and cream cheese snack...
~ finish this post...
~ shower...
~ work on a Christmas picture post...
~ play with the boys...
~ cook something yummi for dinner
~ make phone calls... :)
~ I was lying in bed... just like brian wilson...
~ that offsilence cleans up that mess beside the bed...
~ my buddy Bill forgives me for going too quickly down the path of rant when there was so little call to do that...

Happy Birthday Dave
~ It's inspectorjury's birthday...
Have a wonderful year Dave... I hope you get your hat... and I hope the world spins in just the right way to reward you for the good friendship you have offered to so many of us.
oh my god I'm such a dork
I'm blaming lack of sleep ... which is working for EVERYTHING I manage to screw up lately...

Bottom line... it is not Dave's bday... It's thetech's birthday... and while I still want dave to get his hat...
I do want to wish thetech (Norm) a rewarding birthday!!
Sorry about the mix up Norm and do have a wonderful day...
ps. the sun came out just when I realized my mistake... makes ya think!

Our Christmas Day...

Christmas 2003

We made the final leg of this years journey to the Day Of Santa with Edward working overtime trying to get healthy... A stomach flu was really playing havoc with his efforts. Never the less, Christmas morning arrived and our two little men were at our bedsides hankering for a trip downstairs to see what Santa brought.

Suzanne and I went to bed with a last look at the living room...

... and we were certain Santa would have the both on overdrive.

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one wish

So... for weeks before christmas
Edward had been saying that he only
wanted "one thing" from Santa.
After some prompting he finally confessed
that what he wanted was one wish.

Well, if you give a moose a muffin...
If Geo hears Edward ask for something...
chances are he will want it too.

So in the last few days before Christmas
the children got it into their heads that
they wanted "a wish" for christmas.

Edward has faught a stomach flu in the
week leading up to Santa's visit.
The late night clean ups and endless
associated laundry notwithstanding,
in his somewhat weakened state,
he presented easily the most adorable,
tiny angel of a boy imaginable.
I wanted to give him his wish.

Therein begins what might have been a
horrific mistake. On Christmas eve I sat down
at the computer and started up Word.
I pulled out some special "certificate" paper...
two sheets.

"One Wish" each proclaimed... and each
childs name was carefully scripted below.
I was all proud of myself as I put a bunch of
fine print about restrictions against
"meta wishes" (wishing for wishes) and
alluded to the "natural wish rules" which I felt
certain would provide ample opportunity
for definition to stem the flow of silliness that
"wishing" may produce.

Rolled up, tied with ribbon, and placed in the
branches of the Christmas tree. There they waited.

Christmas morning brought all the expected delights.
New games, treats, and toys all had their moments.
The scrolls, however, seemed to catch their eyes
and when they opened them... their minds as well.

My darling Z... my partner in parenting and pretty
well everything else... gave me the look. The one
that tells a story in a heartbeat. I felt immediately that
I had made a nasty mistake and perhaps should have
had more faith in the notion that they would quickly forget
their hopes for a wish. Alas... earwax.

As the morning became the afternoon and we set about
on family visits, the "wish" issue rose up and I sat each boy
down and explained that the wish certificates were only
as real as they wanted to make them but they must save
their wishes for something really important.

I figured... I'm in a hole... why not dig a little deeper.

The day passed... as Christmas day is want to do, with much
eating... and loads of "overstimulation time" for the kids.
Edward, still only just on this side of the flu was wearing thin
so we packed it up for home by about 9:00 pm. A long day
for anyone... let alone the little guys.

When we got home, I was absently noting Georges quiet behaviour.
All became clear when he pulled me aside and told me that he "had it".
It?? He explained that he had thought about it all day and decided that
he knew what he wanted to wish for... then in one breath he said;
"I don't care if you made the wish or if Santa did...
... I wish for Edward to get better."

Today... my poor little George is complaining of a tummy ache. I suspect
that it is his turn to deal with this flu. Noteable, however, is Edward's seeming
complete return to good health. Go figure.

Edward, by the way, has alternately "wished" to spend the day in his pj's,
for the stairs to explode, for lights to flash and for a sip of diet coke.

My guilt over the "wish" mistake is long gone.