December 25th, 2003


Hiya! :D

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is not a religious holiday...
if the Christians want to hijack the day to celebrate a questionable historical event...
then that's ok with me. Everybody has their thing.

It's not about gifts, giving or receiving.
It's not about which god you talk to when you are all alone.

No, Christmas is something much more important.
It's a day made to appeal to the lowest common denominator
that ends up paying us all in the crisp notes of happiness.

There are many people that have elected to live a life framed in their own discomfort.
Feeling joy and fellowship with their neighbors does not come easily to them.
Charity is almost an unknown concept.

So one day each year we build up a sense of grace...
We release these people from the bonds of their emotional distance.
They are free to explore the potential of giving and receiving love.
Reaching out to friends, family and, if they're really lucky... complete strangers.

The rest of us get to bask in the glory of the day... while such emotions may
come more readily to our hearts... this day we can swim in it.

So if you want to thank someone... thank the people that have the farthest to
climb when they mount the road to happiness and charity. This day is made
for them... and the rest of us are just happy hitchhikers.

~ a smile...
~ red ftls
~ blue jeans
~ red p-z golf shirt
~ did I mention the smile?
~ well, we've already executed the wake up ritual...
~ so, next is the trip to my units house .... then after a mid afternoon dinner we'll be going to my SILs house for some time with Suzanne’s family.
~ to take pictures like a mad man.... :D
~ tonight? hmmm... well I never did see Pirates of the Caribo!
~ that you have the chance to feel the vibe of the holiday season.

Make time for love.
Leave room for happiness.
And stand still long enough to appreciate art.

Merry Christmas.