December 24th, 2003



Well now... that was a long night...
Imagine if a small herd of large elephants all contracted a terrible skin fungus... and then they wandered into a cave... all of them... then you sealed up the cave... and they all died... then they (and their fungus) rotted at the back of the cave.... for about six months... The smell that would great the person opening up that cave would be freaking a rose garden compared to the unbelievable stench that is - hourly - bursting forth from my littlest guy... and he is running a fever now too. We were up constantly last night... either cleaning up a mess or thanking god for making it - with him - to the bathroom on time. He's all happy and smiling now... but he's pretty much a basket case. Poor little guy. I hope he's better by tomorrow... or at least... a little better.

We were supposed to be doing this family thing with Z's family at her moms house tonight. This is the first Christmas in her family since my FIL passed on and it's one of those "moments"... but I think I may spend the evening here with Edward and let Z and Geo have the "moment".

~ a smile
~ a housecoat
~ one of my kids on my neck
~ and a santa hat! :D
~ er... shower.... shave... real clothes...
~ we need coffee, so someone is braving the throngs to get to starbucks.
~ baking more kifli... I am the kifli god this year... I'm on my third full batch and there'll be another yet to come... I keep giving them away! :D
~ to spend the day and the night taking care of little Edward...
~ maybe another movie tonight we'll see...
~ maybe play at "There" for a while...
~ oh how I am wishing!!! I want my Ed to be better for Christmas.
~ I could go to play at ofsilence and pixiecup's house... !!!
~ for a sweet friend... maggie, a woman who has had two little darl'en kiddies since I met her here in lj land... to lose the pimple pimple before morning! :D
~ more of the same good vibes to keep my friend Amy (arlyn) over the holidays
~ to agree witih lostinjersey... who the hell needs 1/2 gallon of soda with a meal? hell ... evah! gah!
~ just some good karma moments for a sweet girl... passerine... just 'cause.

// mini rant
Hey ... they had a little Mad Cow scare in the US eh... well now isn't that precious!!!!! I wonder how american beef producers are gonna like having their borders shut to beef exports.... (actually I don't know if thats happening) but man... they sure put the Canadian industry on the shitter with their reaction to our scare this past year. It's all about keeping the big customers happy... and I know the US was worrying that their Asian markets would refuse to buy if they didn't treat Canada like a bag of shit... but it just goes to show you how much brother love comes into play when the almighty dollar is on the table. Well suck it up Rancher Boys and lets see how you react.
~ of course, now I'm imagining the 5th fleet floating off Osaka with a million war heads poised to fire and Bush on TV demanding that Japan have a Bar-B-Q
// all done. :D

Note: Christmas Eve day and Christmas Eve are two my very most favourite parts of the whole year. It's like a calm before the something. I hope you enjoy your day ... I know I'll enjoy mine. :D

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well almost....

We packed up and went to my SIL's and after about an hour Ed was just so not himself.
He went to lay down but he needed to be in his own bed.
So I'm home with Ed and Suz is at her moms with her family and Geo...

We gave the kids Pirates of the Caribooo* for a Christmas Eve prezzi
and they started watching but Edward petered right out.
His temp is still over 100 and I'm all about just taking care of his little self.

He will be well... but it's not going to happen fast enough.
Poor little goob. He's so very delicate when he's like this.

Happy Christmas Eve...

i think I'll go make some coffee. :D

* I hate the word Caribbean... is that it? It's like "groom" or "tartlettes"... words that have lost all meaning in my head. I look at c-a-r-i-b-b-e-a-n and think what? two b's? and what the hell word is that anyways... Karibyan works so much better.

ding ding dingaling...

... and the stockings were hung...

Actually, we bundled Ed and Geo up so they could go
and put the magic reindeer food out on the snow.

and then we went to the Norad Santa Tracker Web Site and looked at the places Santa's already visited... and when the "where is Santa now?" video played, saying he was approaching the east coast of Canada... and that "children there should be going to bed"... well that was all it took. Blink... off to bed. We read "the book"... and now we're waiting for them to actually spin down enough to sleep. So much to do... :D

Merry Christmas...