December 23rd, 2003



Up and off to the Docs...
This will be one of those doc visits chock full of indelicate moments
having to first describe the problems... in glorious detail
then the exam... and yes I understand that gyno and woman
have had this in spades forever... So I oughtta shuddup
while I'm ahead.

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans
~ blue BUM equip. T shirt
~ big blue and white comfy sweater
~ (blue is a bit of a theme today I suppose)
~ Doctor !!!
~ then FutureShop to submit our camera for repair and buy a loaner...
~ Chapters to pick up a gift
~ home and relax...
~ hopefully a movie tonight. :D
~ I was going to LOTR ROTK tonight... grrrrrr!

I'll check mail and read all'y'all when I get home... for now... it's bang----zoooom!
See ya.

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I sat on a leather sofa in Future shop early this morning and watched an action seen from the X-Men movie on a monsterous plasma tv with sound all around ... no, santa will not get me a bigger tv... but geez... ever since I saw the images of robont's basement theater room renovations... I've been busy internalizing a new day dream. :)

Today has been exhausting... I'm frigg'en [ :: beat :: ].

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Sooo.... me and my "boston strangler" are just kick'en for a bit before we go down to watch "Who Is Cletis Tout?".

The kids watched "wonka" again today...
(feels a sudden movie moment coming on!)

oh... and the other night... we caught some of "Harold and Maude" !!!!!
I had almost forgotten about that movie.
It's a thing with my brain to want to get a
movie name as quick as possible when you
click into it on the tv...

The majesty of Harold and Maude swept over
me in less than three seconds somewhere in the
first 10 minutes of the movie.

It's been easily a DECADE since I last even thought about this movie.

It is a remarkable movie.... and parts are so black-humour that you're
want to shoot whatever your drinking straight up and out your nose!

(hint: Avoid drinking anything when Harold is meeting the girls with whom his mom is setting him up.)**

ok... and no commentary on good / great movies from SEVERAL THOUSAND YEARS AGO...
is complete without tipping my hat to "Sleuth" and "The Party".

I had a mad dash across the city after dinner tonight to locate a christmas prezzi...
but that is behind me and the Admiral is before me... The Admiral and Christian Slater...

It's just two days before Christmas... and I want SUN...
I want to take pictures with some good natural light!!

Any ways... whereever you are... whatever you're doing...
I hope you are finding the time to feel fortunate and embrace that holiday vibe.

** grammer nazis... is this right? Avoid drinking anything when Harold is meeting the girls with whom his mom is setting him up.
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