December 22nd, 2003



I'm the guy that makes a little "zoooom" noise when you see me... and leaves cartoon like lines in the air when I'm gone.

I've got to hurry myself along and get going...

~ black stripee ftls
~ blue jeans
~ jet black t (ok ok... I only said the "jet" part 'cause it sounds cool)
~ denim shirt...
~ well... to zooom away ASAP to my office to get the hockey tickets and give away some Kifli
~ must fix a spread sheet with some Remedy prices when I'm there... (office...)
~ zoom home again to be here when Geo's little friend comes to visit ... her name is Sydney and I do like that name... I like the city, the name and the fact that it makes me think of Alias... but best of all... this girl and Geo have been such good friends all year and she is an angel.
~ the doc could have seen me today... but alas (earwax) she can only see me tomorrow... at 9:15 in the morning mind you... so I'll be in fine form.... hell, I have trouble getting to work by 9:15..
~ I wish it was sunny... there are so many pictures I want to take...

Ok... I have to fly away and I've not had a chance to check your pages... sorry about that.

and ps... I'm getting really pissed at the whole phone post thing... the last four I've made have gone into la la land ... drag.
I'll read up when I get back.

(no subject)

bath time
leads to bed time
he's just not back all the way
so I'm taking extra care
bed time clothes wait
naked little man
stops and turns
and out of the blue
my legs get a great long hug

you live your whole life in some of the moments.


Happy Birthday Moments...

Little Tara... sometimes Lola... burntflowers
slips away and builds it all again ...
shiney and new... on the west coast of canada.
I hope you find all that you're looking for and that
more of the good stuff finds you ... I have been very
lucky indeed to have met you and had the chance
to share time. Have a wonderful year sugar-T.

And my little friend ever so far north...
very much not a dork...
but dorkgirl nonetheless.
Have a wonderful year ahead Rhonda.

lynspin!!! Have a wonderful year lil'lyners...
you've been a constant source of good surprises
and I hold many wishes for your future close to my heart.
Happy Birthday.