December 21st, 2003



Good morning!! :D

Well yesteday was all about staying home and taking care of Edward. He's much improved... even eating a little... He'll be fine in another day. :D
I made Kifli pastry dough yesterday... it calls for 4 egg yokes... so I made little mirangue drops too...
Today will be the day for the seasons first batch of Kifli.

~ wake up sweats... with the gap hoodie...
~ shower!!!
~ actual clothes
~ baking kifli
~ shoveling snow... carefully... may have to press the boys into service...
~ watching the last epi of Sopranos from Season four!
~ that my sweet friend lakme has a wonderful day... and say's off her heal!
~ and a moment of congratulations out to thebigtomato ... the esteemed daughter of inspectorjury on the occasion of her graduation from Purdue! (that is one proud daddy! :D)
~ and a little hope-things-swing-in-another-direction-soon wish out to saxton!!! :D
~ for a grand end to the weekend... dreams and all, out to my long time lj friend amyliscious
~ LISA! ladyfire... velvet jeans!!! damn... :D

I do hope that all of you guys are heading into this week with some good vibes somewhere in your world... and that the run up to Christmas gives your heart a chance to smile.

Ok... i gotta git... The showers calling my name..

catching up a bit...

Happy Birthday!!!

I wanted to catch you up on these...

Dec 19: landmark My Thai Fight'en super god! ... No really Happy Birthday Rob. I remember well the day I introduced you to my journal at work and posted a picture... after all the girls cleaned themselves off... you started a journal... and look at you go! :) Have a great year bro.

and maxlee my little russian buddy... long since gone but not forgotten.

Dec 20: kaifawn... Happy Birthday dog girl... (and doesn't mean she's a dog... it means she's a big dog lover... :D :D :D)

Dec 21: indianasweetie ... Happy Birthday Fly Girl... and while that career may be in the air (wow... nice pun eh) I know that you will find your way to happiness... it's just a rule! I hope very much that the world will twist itself around and let have another visit before to many more months sneak by. You are one of the most appreciated lights in my journal world.

and thinktink Bwaahahahaha... I'm dying here... you made me laugh so hard on friday ... but shhhh... :D Happy Birthday sugar and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

and last but not least... mellusions you are one very cool glass bending Kitty. Happy Birthday sugar... I look forward to another year of sneaking in on your world. :D


Oh... it's like 11:00??

hehe... we (boys, me... and z asleep on the couch) watched Twice Upon A Christmas...
Well... they watched, she slept... and I made more pastry... for baking tomorrow. :D

The baking process... earlier today.
Made lovingly difficult with six hands... especially when four of 'em a little.

The results...

I used some really yummy polish plum butter that I got from a wee polish deli near by...

(you know those places with all the very odd looking candy wrappers,
and brand names you've never heard of and prol'y can't pronounce...
and where the woman at the cash probably owns the place with her hubby
and seems so very genuin when she thanks you for your patronage.)

Anyways... kids to bed and now it's time, well, soon.... for the last Sopranos epi and some play time with computers.. :D