December 19th, 2003



Holla... man I am so glad it's Friday. :D :D :D
It's been a long week and to end it with a sunny day (cold like Mars but still),
significant vacation time around the corner
and an amazing vibe pushing through my heart...
well, I'm just say'en it doesn't really get any better than this.

Oh... and I had a fresh bag of crack on my desk when I got her with a Merry Christmas note... :D
(Thanks Sherry!!!) crunch crunch crunch...

Something happened yesterday... not sure exactly how...
but I'm not complaining. kimberly27616 and pageeater
kinda popped into my world and nailed me with some very much
appreciated random acts of kindness... then a couple of anonymous
friends jumped on that elevator... and now I'm literally swimming
in Lj paid time... and extra icons...
Just saying thank you seems weak.

I will pay this forward (tips hat to a great movie with a dumb ass ending)
and when I do, I will think of your kindness.

~ red stripeee ftls
~ blue jeans [ :: shake it ... shake it... shake it like a very goofy white boy... :: ]
~ my belt (only significant because I went all goofy bonkers looking for it this morning)
~ Strong Bad...
~ heavy comfy sweater.
~ I cut out on a bunch of stuff yesterday, to go to the kids school "Christmas Pagent" ... so it's catch up day... (gah!~ another busy friday)
~ catch up on a few friends...
~ hmm... christmas shopping? naw... lots of time...
~ tonight? geek time with video editing and stuff from yesterdays amazing cuteness with the kids... :D
~ that my littlest angel... Little Edward... doesn't have the flu but only maybe ate something that really hated him... man he was soooo sick last night. (and it was over-the-top stinky - as I scrubbed and scrubbed the carpet beside his bed... parenthood... washing carpets at 1:00 in the morning and the laundry... ick.)
~ er... that chrissmari feels a lot less like toss'en it on the sidewalks of london...
~ just a few selected wishes for my long long time lj friend debby and maybe a hug or two... you know... just 'cause.
~ that things sort out on the plus side for stephaniekaye...
~ to point out that it's never too late... ever...

It's official... saint nic has found his way inside.
I've been hiding from him for the past month just dealing with life and stuff...
but there's not denying the feeling that makes a reasonably healthy heart beat with so much enthusiasm...
the feeling that creeps up your back and tickles your neck with playful fingers reminding you to smile at random people and let 'em feel good about wondering why.
I leaned in close to a bank teller the other day and appologised for being an odd duck,
and went on to tell her that her hair looked drop dead gorgeous... It was, ddg... but that's not the point.
I bet she was extra nice to the next person in line.
Ya dig'en this?

K... gotta git...
see ya in a bit. :D
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