December 18th, 2003


Morning... :D

Yeah... a late arrival to work and I'm leaving early... gee... working hard today. :D

Got invite codes? Living in a hole? Just so you know...
invite codes are dead!
But you can turn those bodies over to the authorities for [ :: valuable coupons. :: ] ...
and I dunno about you but I can't type "coupon" without thinking of "poupon"
which makes me think of that Wayne’s World movie
and the car scene with "pardon me... do you have any gray poupon?"
and the next thing you know I'm head banging away to Bohemian Rhapsody...
So go get a a coupon.

~ green ftls...
~ dk blue dockers
~ maroon t and a dk blue button up shirt over it...
~ well the first half of the plans are done...
~ I had a two hour commute today thanks to very slippery roads and snow and the fact that I work IN BLOODY BUM FUCK EGYPT
~ then, arriving late, had to dash into a meeting where geeky smart architecture dudes were reviewing our project...
~ now I'm back at my desk with all kinds of changes to document in Lovely Visio (LV drives me bonkers... you can start a diagram and before you notice... 6 hours have zoooooooomed past)
~ but but but... at 12:15 I split to get to Georges School... for 1:00... It's "Hey Dad... I'm the Light Bulb in the Christmas play" day... :D
~ then ... we'll see... but the night will come and hopefully there will be Sopranos. :D hmmm a Thursday without Survivor ...
~ to remind the universe of what an amazing friend knightsdawn is... just say'en... :D
~ a warm welcome back to the coolest of the cool secretaries... :D acoolsecretary! Hiya Nadz...
~ to point out that yes, indeed... chrissmari is actually a clone of Diana Riggs... and Riggs never worked like she did when she was in the Avengers... the first full body latex outfit I can remember seeing... that had an impact on me (so to speak)... geez... wow, that's some segway (and no, I cannot spell that... sorry).
~ I knew what was up with my old friend simplyred... ????
~ and a special precious wish for ladyfire... my heart is all over you and your family sugar... (er... that sounds messy... but you know what I mean).

I have absolutely got to get busy and do the christmas baking... Kifli is calling... Anybody want to make Kifli with me this year?
[ :: recipe for kifli :: ]
[ :: little kifli picture :: ] (no you don't eat the crayon... it's a reference!)

Ok.. there's plenty going on in journal land... but for now... I GOTTA GIT... busy boy.
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