December 17th, 2003


yawn... scratch... hmmm?

Hi!!! don't you just love the little orange guys eyes... :) hahaha... He kinda reminds me of an angry Bucky!

Morning... it was another speedy morning in the house of me... After arguing with the alarm clock for about an hour, I popped up and dragged Geo out of bed. Me in a housecoat, him stumbling into his jeans, sox and a shirt... limped downstairs at 7:55. By 8:18 I had made his lunch (hot soup in a thermos, spicy corn chips and a cut up apple), fed him pancakes, watched him brusha brusha the teeth and dressed him for evil winter. 8:20 his bus comes. Oh and I made coffee in there somewhere. Shower, shave, dress, click-a-pick and drive drive drive to work. Gets me here by 9:30 and yeah, that's a half hour late. Watch me struggle with not feeling guilty. mmmk?

Dear Mother Nature:
Please consider dropping the needle for a while and doing a little detox.
You are a raging crack whore and you really need to get your shit together.

The weather man is calling for - in no particular order - Rain, 10 cm's of Snow, and Freezing Rain. That all adds up to falling about 20 times every time you step out of the great INDOORS - and, of course, there's no indoor parking spots when I get to work this late (shut up! I got to sleep till 7:55 so bite me) :D

We watched two episodes of Sopranos last night... I love that show but I hate everyone in it... well not the people, but the characters.. they are all such shit-tards.

~ black ftls
~ beige dockers
~ beige T hiding under my uber comfry p-z turtleneck... (enjoys moment of clothing bliss)
~ to wave at several coworkers as they walk out at lunch to go see ROTK... fuckers...
~ re-do (for the third time) a spread sheet that continues to say the same shit... just in a slightly different way... Bah! A pox on pickyness!
~ work work work (insert sound of the "peons" from Warcraft - Edward, my five year old, plays this game ever moment we let him...)
~ tonight? Dunno... but I don't think there's a new West Wing tonight so ... we'll see.
~ for Lab Life to go well for the Sugar-Bronze girl... bramey
~ that my fav Sax feels better today... saxton and do you know how hard it is to not go into the "good sax" pun zone??
~ that more people would send the Peanut Girl (breekola) T-shirts...
~ a friend in far far away finland... sleep_walker has a great day today.... :D
~ that all ya slobs heading off to ROTK get itchy bums while you watch the movie... (ok, not really... I hope you love it... I'll just have to wait a bit...)
~ for no1topaz to keep stuff out of her eye!

One hundred years ago today... a couple of white boys glided several feet supported by wings fashioned on a frame in their barn. At any single moment in time in the course of every day of the week there are 47,000 people in the sky on aircrafts. Just think about it.

ps. Don't you hate it when Clay Aiken Fans explode on the sidewalk listening to their walkmans... it's so messy.
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yeah.... so I thought I'd torture myself again for just a moment so I clicked over to and watched the most recent trailer for ROTK...
Sweet geezus...

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Happy Birthday Zen!!! (zen2475!!)
I hope this next year brings you and the people you hold close to your heart to good times,
in good health and that you get chances to really enjoy yourself. :D