December 16th, 2003


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Yeah... it's a smoochy kinda day, don't ya think? Nine days till the fat elf goes on the B&E rampage eating cookies and dodging reindeer poop and I'm starting to get the happy feet thing... you know, where you keep asking yourself "Self? why are you all giddy? oh... oh yeah... nine days to go..."
Have you read my "On The First Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me... " story?
[ :: click me and give it a read :: ]
It was originally posted "one day of christmas" at a time in 2001... here, in my journal. :D

Return Of The King (here-to-for refered to as ROTK, on the heels of FOTR and TT) is about to enter the ranks of the over anagramed universe! Fun eh! :D

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ gray T hiding under a big blue turtleneck...
~ on kicking myself for, yet again, forgetting a check... I have to pay for these "senators" tickets to a game I'm taking the kids to - one of their Christmas prezzies... :D So, I'm gonna have to go to a bank and pay cash. gggrrrrrrr
~ finishing a "cost analysis" for hardward supporting the shared management environment we've been spec'ing for the last couple of weeks.
~ more lovely visio... blah ... a pox on visio!
~ tonight... Sopranos!
~ I was tired from tooooo much sex... alas... earwax... I just managed to stay up too late playing games.
~ that a very "long time lj friend"... lil'sugar-Sax (saxton) would hurry up and feel a wee bit better!
~ for my friend whoknew to get some great return on a recent investment. go go gretch!
~ some good karma type vibes to my friend crayolaphoenix... for various and sundry yummi reasons.
~ that I too could dance to Hey Yah with breekola and a bunch of other lj friends... :D
~ er... just some wishes for pixiecup... just 'cause... !
~ a wonderful day to my Butter Tart Queen, hisbeauty
~ for a better day to wrap itself around my pal jennfromtx!!
~ (edit) and a special wish for a suddenly older (taxi) stephaniekaye... to get a call ... one way or the other... it's soooo better to know. Good luck sugar-Steph.

Got a mini rant here... forgive me
// rant on
I am the first guy in his chair at the "Tell Mean Spirited Jokes About Bush" convention, and I have written voluminously about the folly of the process that lead to war in Iraq... but I gotta say the train has left the station on the whole slagging the Reconstruction process thing. The notion of "The Spoils Of War" was not invented by Bush... let alone by America, and it's not going to go away because a bunch of tree huggers piss and moan about it. The news in Canada has had a bunch of limp wrists picking their boxers outta their cracks because Canada is being told to stuff-it in the big reconstruction contract zone and I think that's total crap. Not being excluded... It's total crap that people are bitching about it. Our government chose to stay out of the battle... we kept our minimalist armed forces out of the war so why the fuck are we bitching about not getting to share in the spoils? Talk about having your cake and wanting to eat it too. I remain sickened by the fact that global strategies demand western nations run around playing good cop / bad cop with the totally brain dead social structures in the most backwards-ass parts of the world imaginable. Let 'em burn for all I care... I'd rather see the money being spent on building proper schools and paying teachers proper salaries... I mean... "good school for my kids" on the one hand... and, those same kids "dead in a foreign desert" on the other. No frigging contest. However, it is an entire truck load of "more complicated than that" and people need to get a handle on the fact that they are not going to ever really understand the truths behind the masks that global politics fashions out of facts. Hell, I remember being slagged in my journal for saying the war was really about Oil and getting rid of the Dick-tater was just gravy. Look around people... money on the scales that we can't even really understand has everything to do with the spoils of war... it always has. Stop bitching about it. Have you volunteered at the local public school lately?
// rant off

phew... ok, thanks... done.
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Just a small town girl
living in a lonely world...

I have fresh star-fucks coffee...
I have hockey tickets for the boys all paid for... now I'm just waiting for the actual tickets...
and I received an early christmas prezzi... finding someone back in journal land that I well and truley missed...

and I have happy written large across my face... no really.
Today is really shaping up! :D

K... now I gotta get some work done.

smoooooch day! go smooch someone!
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The Final Survivor VII Update!!!

Survivor VII : Pearl Islands

The Last Time We Have To See JonJon!

Wherein...the best survivor run in the last few finishes up. We say goodbye to a smile, good riddance to a Talking Hernia and a bunch of stupid white people take the Scout Oath way to fucking seriously. Oh, and who the hell was Trish again? lol...

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