December 15th, 2003



ahhh bliss...

Today was great. :D
Tree hunting went weird... our artificial tree is up but we had a great trip into the country for hot chocolate, tractor hay rides, and ... well, tree hunting... but we decided to not get a real green dress "because that's cruel"... hahahaha... or we couldn't find one we liked... you pick. :D

Survivor was great... and the sat-dish saved my ass - because, of course, I screwed up the tape job... Never before has tivo been needed by someone so completely!

and then there was [ :: the board :: ] - and believe me, I know breaking on the grain is no great shakes... but it was an inch thick and I felt all cool... so whatever. :D We'd been given no advance warning that this would be required in the test so it was fun to just go with it. :)
The game continues... with the effort to get to the [ :: next belt :: ] (and that looks like a red belt but it's not... it's orange)

Edward had my heart racing in glorious Dad moments when he was receiving his "stripe"...

He had to do his pattern, with 5 other little kiddlettes, in front of a hundred spectators and under the scrutiny of these very somber looking Korean dudes...
He was amazing!

And miss rocket girl... [ :: zebra :: ]!! That's her (black sweats) in one of her patterns for the test... It was particularly precious to be there today and have the whole thing be such a "family affair". She - without question - passed her belt. :D

Geo was amazing!! (btw). He sat in the audience and took [ :: pictures :: ] and had to endure almost 3 hours of watching us do our thing... he was amazing and is still very keen to take yellow again in January...

Did I mention that Geo had the camera? [ :: yeah, he took pictures... :: ]

Oh... and there was a language test... Z and I crammed for it in the car driving to and from the party we went to last night. The winning strategy for me remains to think of the words from a purely phonic point of view. Take this one example... there is this term that is something like mu-tae-jun-chin... or something... I've no actual idea so don't bother correcting me... the info will just flow past me. For my money the words were actually "booty junction" and I can remember that... So I just remember how the words sound and what they mean.
Now the best part of this story? Is the way I picture "booty junction" in my head... here's a picture from last nights party - and it's [ :: ideal Booty Junction! :: ] (the other girl is Odile... as in "john and odile". We get together with them and "jay and celine" every few months to spend a night catching up, playing games, and talking about thong underware... no, really... it simply ALWAYS comes up... lol!

So anyways... it's goofy late and time for bed.

Another long weekend of being a family and doing things...
It's a pretty simple recipe for success... don't ya think? :D

Morning... :D

Alrighty... going to bed just a wee bit on the late side last night... (hahahahaha)
But I'll do better... in 2004.

For now.. it's almost Christmas and I got about 19 hours of stuff to do each day... so five is gonna have to suffice for the sleep zone! :D

How 'bout you? You all ready to relax and enjoy the holidays?
Does anyone over the age of 18 actually "relax" over christmas?

Besides all the love coupons I want to get from my darling Z... a day or two of relaxing would be an excellent christmas prezzi.
er... not that I'm going back on wanting a 42" widescreen format HDTV... I mean...

~ red stripee ftls
~ sorta black jean things... and they're still that "new black"
~ dark blue two tone long sleeve warm shirt
~ the "wishes it was silk but it really came from a test tube" button up shirt ... Oh, and it has a "hem??" that is stitched in a way that says "it's ok to wear me untucked" so... that's what I'm doing... :D
~ new contract starting... same employer... a review of some corporations HP OV design...
~ writing about Survivor for the last time until February...
~ project meeting this afternoon...
~ tonight... man oh man... I need to relax tonight. We've been going a million miles an hour all weekend. ... and on Monday ... they rested!
~ that my very long time lj friend, gravity finds the corner he's looking for....
~ that lovely blonde chaquitas in Toronto (lizvang*lizvang lizvang lizvang) learn to leave the Hot Choco in the cup!!!
~ I had a cup of whatever serpah drinks before bed... he's got the attitude ... and I like it.
~ to send out some good mommy vibes to a good friend... sweet velcro_girl and plenty of hopes for you... just good vibes and hopes... :D
~ and just a wish for my friend starliteangel1... that "finding the Final Survivor" on tape works out... (I totally feel for ya!!!)

Now... just a moment of absolute, unashamed, loving type fawning and general worship...

Happy Birthday gnomeygirl/Nikki

You have been the heart of the treasure that I have found in my journal experience.
Thank you darling Nikki... and I hope you have a wonderful year...

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Ain’t it funny how the night moves
When you just don’t seem to have as much to lose


I read a beautiful post by a friend...
it talked about a place (Portland, actually)
and how it felt comfortable and safe...
like home.

It made me think about my drive in to work today.
I was cruising through my kingdom...
yeah, I share it with all kinds of other kings and queens.
But it's my home.

- and - on the subject of drivers in my kingdom

I must have passed a dozen cars either ideling off the shoulder
of buried in the gully between the highways
I watched a "cabbed" pickup truck do a snowback sliding sidways...
and vanish into the gully... only to emerge moments later with four-wheel drive kicking up a storm.
On more than one occasion I thought ...
"shyte man... you live here... you'd think you'd get snow = slow down by now..."

I mean really...