December 12th, 2003



Survivor! bwaahahahaha... !!!!

oh... ok, and I gotta say... the satelite addition to our "viewing pleasures"
was a totally cost neutral choice... everything included... In fact, it's going
to be marginally less per month that the crappy cable signal we were getting!!!

And word! The digital picture for Survivor was a clearer version of this show than
I have ever seen before... it was fucking glorious. I have basked in digital
goodness. We're talk'en crave'en idols here bro! :)

Meanwhile, Mother Nature... obviously back on the crack hard core...
has spent the last day and night raining her ass off, and keeping the temps up.
Now? oh yeah... big wind blowing massive freezing temps into town.
Snap a few years off me, get me one of those little logo encrusted mini toques
and this would so be exactly when I'd say that bitch is wack yo!.
(oh, and I'd do goofy things with the fingers on one hand... all in your face and stuff,
which is, btw, really only a slight of hand thing where the young guns use their other hand
to scratch their nuts... you watch... you'll see. :D)

Alrighty... it's late. Almost bed time...
sleep well... and smile.


Man I sooo need today to be Friday ... and look'y... (checks watch) Yuppers... it's Friday. Everybody can exhale now. :D
Hey... btw... I be headache free... thank the stars!

~ um... checks... ahh.. black ftls..
~ blue jeans [ :: almost have enough of these for a full gallery on my site... would that be wrong? bwaahahahahaha :: ]
~ STRONG BAD... and a denim shirt.
~ well it is friday... I suppose... well, ok... Work!
~ get as much done before lunch as I can...
~ write Survivor update!!! :D
~ sort out some banking stuff... phone calls are soooo much fun.
~ tonight? most likely some GLORIOUS digital television and buggy race'en at (Luker!!! update her video card would ya???)
~ that this weekend is a grand affair for my wonderful friend, kimberly27616 with you family and friends. :D
~ that my far away friend and secret snozzer, chrissmari is careful... 'cause you know... England's burning!
~ to just send a happy smiling moment of thought out to bondas
~ that my favourtine garden gnome... the Super Nikki Sticky Slick, the wolfiegirl ... feels better when she wakes up today.
~ and some good luck to my western girl, xaheras in the roomy hunt.
~ remember that episode of Buggs Bunny with Hansel and Grettle? yeah... I can see pookfreak saying "Hansel?"... "Hansel?"... (kiss)

Today is the day... in fact... NOW is the hour that Jean Cretien, a monsterous lying cree-toid of a PM, becomes just another short french guy with half a face. Sorry... can't help it. He was an elitist lying PM and everybody knows it. And don't go crediting him with giving The Burning Bush the finger over Iraq. That's called "good advice". And Jean-Jean ignored plenty of good advice too.
Salute Jean... and thank you from the bottom of my heart for grabbing that Tea-Cozzy-Wearing Homeless Dude by the throat way back when... That was a defining moment for Canadian Politics. :D

Say it...
I've turned off IP Logging for the day...
and I'll turn off "screening anonymous" posts... for the day.
(I always allow anonymous comments...)

Got something to say? but feel too weeny to say it with your name attached?
Go for it. Get it off your chest.
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Survivor VII Update!!!

Survivor VII : Pearl Islands

Burton!!! You suck!

Wherein... holes are not only dug... and dug deeply... but the freaking idiots dive in and start to bury themselves... It’s a turning point episode and not a moment too soon, seeing as the whole banana ends this Sunday!

Collapse )
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well now... that's a day and a half...
gah, it's not fair that fridays should always end up so busy... but I suppose I'm my own worst enema!! (hahaha)

Regardless... it's over now and all that stands between me and the weekend is a drive home.

Thank you... for stuff...

Later muchachos et muchachas...
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(no subject)

totally bailed on cooking tonight.
Delicioso (or whatever it's called) rising crust frozen pizza will do! well.. did. :D

Got a head start on tomorrows chores... because tomorrow will be buuuuusy.
Over to a neighbors for a christmas "get together" in the day ... with kids... and then a get together with two other couples (the usual suspects, Jay & Celine, and John and Odile)...without kids!

But now? Now it's time to get my little monsters to go to bed...
Translation: I get to read more Narnia! We're on Prince Caspian now... love this series...

Then? Hopefully time to play [ :: there :: ]"... :D
(pssst. my avi's name is "ottr")

K... see ya...

Oh wait... what's the deal with the No Invite Codes... something about trading in unsued invite codes for "paid months"???
I could use me some of that...
Anybody know what the deal is?
(all I've read is the post on the home page...)

ps. go tell Santa what you want for christmas... :D