December 11th, 2003



Ok... smile!
hahaha... well, we actually had Ed in this one for a split second but he wont stand still for anything... not in daylight. :D
Yeah, if and when it loads, that's Z ... babyfatz... my own personal Shuga!! :D

Anybody ever see "The Party"??? Peter Sellers... Birdy Num Nums? Mr. Clutterbucks Motion Picture Extraveganza???? yeah.. well the moment when Gavin McCloud has Sellers between him and the girl... and Sellers says "I am not your sugar."... that moment lives in my head and comes out almost evertime I call someone sugar. :)

ps. my adsl router is having serious issues... sorry about the slow connection on that picture.

I woke up practically cry'en at 6:30 with a splitting headache and took pills... same one... I suppose... I just keep putting it on hold with Advil. I recall wanting to get up and take some advil "proactively" in the night but, of course, didn't. So I didn't move from my bed till the advil had really settled in... that wasn't till like 8:30, so I was uber late for work. Beats calling in though... so whatever. I got advil in my pocket... It's not a migraine... it's just evil. Maybe it's the weather?

The "freezing rain" never showed up... but the rain sure did. It's been raining hard and nonstop since late last night. The drive into work was one of those "can see about two car lengths ahead" deals with wiper blades slashing back and forth through your vision... ug.

Ok, good vibes - while I'm relatively headache free - ... in fact... it's 11:00 and I can feel it creeping in again... grrrr...

~ red stripee ftls
~ black sorta-jeans again... fresh from the wash so they have that "fits like they lover yer ass" feeling....
~ gray T and an odd kinda wishes-it-was-silk-but-it's-something-from-a-test-tube dark shirt... I like it... :D
~ shit kickers... but mostly 'cause the whole world is slippery today. They got grip!
~ project meeting soon... to decide on what to deliver next...
~ dinner at my moms house with Z and the boys... a kind of "thursday thing" and I count myself very lucky to be able to do that... my parents living close... and wanting us over for dinner etc... very lucky indeed.
~ Survivor tonight..!!!!! A nice big test of the Satelite Dish!!! colour me excited.
~ that crismissinapril finds a way to enjoy her piercings... even if it means taking a break for a while... .
~ that I remember to never ever eat cookies without carefully checking them at princessblondie's house
~ I could salute txgirlie.... 'cause she's a commando and all... :D
~ for all the headaches to ease up... including with my bro midnighthour....
~ just wishing some "life has a way of improving when you least expect it" vibes to my fav Toy! (dailymom) no really, her first name is Toy... how precious is that?
~ I could play in teaser's back yard and listen to the birds...
~ a whole bunch of wishes for a good friend and sweet journal mysticchyna... just 'cause.
~ and a wee little good luck moment on all things "new house" related for daisychayn

Happy Birthday Yo!!
cutefluffybunny is what 15 now? hahaha... ok, no. I know you're traveling in Cali now, so this is a "never see" message but that's ok. Happy Birthday Michelle and I hope there's a great year ahead.!
occipitaldruid How much do you rock? Have a wonderful birthday Sugar Christine... You have really been a good friend and held out so many moments of kindness that I can't help but wish for the very best to find you this year. :D

Ok... headaches, unbelievable shitty weather, work (don't get me started) and the advent of the Christmas stress points... Fuck all that... Smile and find a little love. You know it's out there... if not sitting right beside you. I got loads for ya but have a bunch for yourself first mmmk? That's the best way to find the love in other people... is to find the love in yourself first. And it's all about love... unless you're George Bush... then it's another story all together.

Kiss. See ya.
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you always won
every time you placed a bet
your still damn good
no ones gotten to you yet
every time
they were sure they had you caught
you were quicker than they thought
you just turned your back and walked

life is not a crap shoot.
if anything, it's a slow hand of five card.
Poker faces and a round of new bets just when you think it's over.

Life doens't rest on the next throw...
"things" do and you are never going run out of "things"

So relax.
Enjoy the game... and don't hesitate to play.
And if you have to go... someone can keep your seat warm.

* this moment of rambling brought to you by December.
The month with almost as many dead people as February.