December 10th, 2003



okidoki... time for bed in a few minutes...

I have serious digital goodness flowing into my home now and ...
this makes me very happy.
Good things come to those who wait.

The installation was nice and clean... no mess and no ugly wires issues.
Of course, now I have to teach everyone at home how to get to their shows.... :D

But... dig it... the kids click it all on, press Kids and they're scrolling through a series of kids channels and no others.
Ahhhh bliss.
er... of course, we have our own list for everything else... 'cause, you know, you need a billion dollars in technology to support the option of watching colourized episodes of Bewitched in digital glory.

DYK: (Did You Know)... If you watch the INSIDES of peoples mouths in colourized shows... like, when they're talking, it's usually "uncolourized"... hence confirming for your questioning mind that this is indeed a 'colourized' show...

Night night...
It's been a very good day.


Say... Moooooooooooooooo.
um, no reason.

You know... the reference is prol'y lost on a lot of ya,
but going to the mail box is a positively Tony Orlando like moment,
and the hundred yellow ribbons...

~ blue ftls
~ beige dockers
~ black golf shirt
~ beige two tone mildly pretentious tommy sweater
~ a digitally re-enforced smile... :)
~ er... catch up on all the shyte I missed by taking half of yesterday off
~ finish a series of visio diagrams and get 'em into a report
~ on finding it a drag that West Wing isn't on tonight...
~ watching an epi of Sopranos ... :D
~ that a very sweet friend, pixiecup lets herself appreciate these times... you will, one day soon, wish for their return.
~ ok... beachdog... clip 'em. Get a trimmer and clip 'em. It's not about appearances... it's just a rule. :D (see related note below)
~ that ladyfire feels better... and enjoys springer... :D
~ she's prol'y already gone, but i'm wishing the very best of holidays to my friend kitykity... ya lucky duck.
~ for whatever is taking notches out of my lil'perdida... (alma_perdida) lets up a bit...
~ and some very heartfelt and hopeful wishes out to lothie... for tomorrow to come and go.

The season of perpetual-busy is upon us now... with a few short weeks left before the old elf goes on a B & E craze... the day does not exist that is not prefilled with expectations and plans. gah. One year... hopefully... I will pack my little family up on December 20 and take them across the planet to spend Christmas on a cruise ship in the mediteranian... or sum'thin. :D

* I will forever remember a segment on Letterman from years ago... he's got that Remington guy that "bought the company" (sketchy memory here... but still) and they're looking at a new Nose Hair Trimmer Letterman: "So, this little baby spins at 5000 rpms? and has a double reenforced stainless steel blade edge that is sharpened to a micron?, Well then... of coures I would want to shove it up my nose..."

edit: just say'en... I've been grabbing your phone posts and clicking to "save" instead of opening them. Then I toss 'em into my winamp play list... some of them are really amazing... others truley funny and some make me all emotional... but having a great kick ass song take off the second you finish talking... is wicked cool. :D
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well... ok, so a headache is just not allowed...
so more advil... (helped a bunch actually - versus tylonal)
make dinner and play Middle Earth Risk with Geo.
Now it's time to get them to bed... and spend some time trying to tip video.

Any Video geeks out there? Adobe Premiere and I would like to rotate existing video 45 degrees... any clue?
Does Microsoft "Video Maker" do this?


oh... and Sopranos... I mean, I gotta get my "talk like a prick" fix right?

ok... talk to you soon. :D