December 9th, 2003


Are you ready Steve? Andy? Mick? Alright fellas...

Look... my hands are very tiny... think what ya want... but they get into little tiny places real easy. :D

Morning... :D
It's a beautiful beautiful day in the world... well... in my world.
I can't say much about the "recently burried in snow" places out there... but rest assured... out time is coming. The weather warnings are up for tomorrow... ug.
So... for now... it's bright, blue and officially "crisp" out there. :D

Oh, and it's SATELITE day... I zoom outta here at 12:30 to meet installer dude... :)
yeah, just a little bit excited.

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers... (um... like anybody would wear "light blue dockers"... geezus... can you imagine... pale blue dockers, brown shoes... )
~ gray t hiding under a big comfy p-z turtleneck... :D
~ well, to pound through some work this morning... read a BCP plan from a client and figure out how we're gonna do it...
~ then? well... I didn't bring a lunch... :D
~ I'm going home to go geek crazy with home theater stuff, shuffeling in a new Satelite decoder box (sounds like part of a kids "spy kit")
~ tonight? well... as much as Satelite stations will be pulling me... we'll be watching another epi of Sopranos... badda bing yo!
~ to shoot some "go you" moments out to passerine ... she's the 100 girl today...
~ and that my little eastern pal ubervin does a little "getting better" today
~ to send some good karma to the tube sock boogie girl in the UK... :D (chrissmari)
~ that darl'en wolfiegirl doesn't have bad dreams about that ham sammich
~ oh, and more karma stuff to sugar-bronze... the bramey with the grand smile and the very lucky Jeffers...

you know...
there's always something good to rant about...
but sometimes it's better to just open up yer pocket...
stuff that rant in there and save it for another day.
Some sunny days are just too nice to mess up with attitude. :D

On another note: Happy Birthday time...
So a quick wish from December 7 out to karla_jean... I hope you are doing ok karla... I'm guessing it's a hard road. May this next year bring you the results you hope for.
and dear rising_ophelia... A December 8th baby... so long absent... I hope you find net access again and ... and find the power inside to make a great year of new beginings.
and for Today!! Happy Birthday fallingforward a new friend from the land of strange food and beautiful girls... Yeah, another Aussi girl. :D Have a wonderful year and may you and Teq both find reasons to smile you never dreamed of before! :D

Now if I can be just a little obnoxious for a second...
Happy Birthday to the Super Cam-a-yamma Girl THE Sugar-Kriz!! (krizsa)
~ you have kept me company for years as a very kind hearted cube buddy and for this I will never be able to thank you enough.
Have a wonderful birthday Kriz-girl... and I do hope this next year brings you to new goals and new dreams...
Meanwhile... let's all chuckle at some historical Sugar-Kriz pictures... :D
~ forgot her lipstick... so... no lips today.

~ I sent her a picture of my feet... poor girl...

~ yeah, see what I mean... she's an adorable Suar-Kriz. :D

~ snicker... :D
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Geo is going to be the "light bulb" in the school Christmas play.

Sometimes life is such a wonderful cliché