December 8th, 2003



Peace frog... Blue Sunday.

The cream we use in our coffee at work comes in little waxy boxes... that are stored in the ... cupboard!!!! Someone said something about edible-oil-product but it is cream... I know this because some of it's coagulated around the edges of my coffee as I type... well... ok, and 'cause it says so on the box... IN THE CUPBOARD... blech. (yeah, it goes in the fridge after you open it).

A reporter recently commented in an article I read that the Iraqi's on the street are not much concerned about the death and destruction that is happening... as long as it's the soldiers... the american soldiers. I wont rant... but you know that life and the value it is ascribed is not the same over there... Why do you think they had a dick-tater that abused them the way he did for so long? People... men, women and children... walking past the scene of american soldiers being "smashed by rocks" dead or dying... as if it was nothing... because they're just american soldiers. "just"... who really thinks this is worth it? who really thinks the people there are worth this? really? I think I expected them to be grateful... but clearly that would make me an idiot. I remember quite clearly being dragged through the mud by other journalers when I ranted - before the war - that the whole freaking thing was about oil, power and money... and now look at it. It gives a whole new meaning to the term "burning Bush".

~ green ftls
~ black sorta jeans
~ light beige t-shirt and dk dk blue nice button up shirt...
~ lunch time zoom to pick up a gifty...
~ address'en a few cards...
~ oh,... and work ... I mean, yeah...
~ tonghit? well I'm holding the box of Sopranos season 4 so... I'm guessing swearing and slapp'en the kids around... hahaha...
~ best of luck for my friend raylenetaskoski when she does her run for the mouse.
~ and hope'en that my Toy... dailymom stays safe after those roads...
~ good health ... or a return to good health for lil'sleep_walker

Hmmmm... read several reminders that today is not only Jims birthday (peace frog) but that it's the ani of John Lennon's dbs (death by stalker). You know... in grade 5 our teacher sat us down and played the song "Imagine" for us... then we wrote the complete lyric out on the chalk boards that surrounded the room... and then we went over it ... line by line... talking about what each line meant. This totally fucked John Lennon for me... completely. I won't sully the moment for you if you're a big fan... but go 'head... read the lyrics to that one... Would you really want that?
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hahahahaha... ok...
My education for the day has been completed.
I read that article about the canadian flag and american sensitivity about us Northerners wearing out gang colours.

please rush around behind me for a second... while I bend over... that way you can get all smoochy with the minty canadian ass.

Can't take the heat? well... you know what to do.

la la la...
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holy poop-storm...

[ :: this is the article :: ]
~ that mentions the flag thing...

and don't be all bent on the idea that I'm lumping all americans into anything... there's way too many of ya in the first place,
but besides that... my bestest friends in the universe are americans.

We're all the same,
We walk the same,
We love the same,
We fuck the same,
We eat the same,
We ... well, we don't all kill the same, but then again, we're not all wacko presidents...
We are all the same.... it's just that journalists have a nack for finding the Waldo in ever situation.

Please all y'all, reach down and disentagle all bunched panties from ze'crack... m'k.