December 7th, 2003


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nighti night. :D

well, almost.

Long day. Pics another day. ;)

We ate plenty... saw Parliament Hill lit up and covered in bizzar "projected" giant snowflakes... oh, and we froze our nipples off... collectively... a bunch of nipple'less white folks... gaah!


now it's gotta be sleepy time. :D
See ya tomorrow.

ps. I have a really good smile inside me. Feels good...

sunday sunday...

(Me and kimberly27616)

...and they're off. Kimberly and Keith just zooooomed away in the Grand Cherokee... that has so many options I was amost panting... :D

Of course, I feel like a truck rolled over me, but that's cause I stayed up until all hours!
This week I vow to get my skinny ass in bed before 1:00 every freaking night. ... yup, you heard it here first.

~ wake up clothes but I'll have on jeans after my shower.
~ to put up the christmas lights...
~ of which we have too few, so....
~ go and buy more christmas lights... (i'm refusing to use the icicle lights this year! - they suck so bad to deal with...)
~ see if we can go on a christmas tree hunt... (although that may not get done... we'll see)
~ taekwando ... testing is next weekend...
~ and ALIAS!!! (new alias tonight)
~ that keith and Kimbers have a safe trip back to Oshawa and eventually, all the way back to Raleigh...
~ and really hoping and wishing that all you guys getting dumped on by an angry Mrs. Nature - with "feet" of snow - are ok... and dig out without too many stiff backs...
~ and that the hot water of my shower was running over my neck and back right now... :)
er.. see ya. :D

The first words I hear each morning .... "Dad? How many days until christmas?" (then I make him do the math while I try to stay asleep...)