December 5th, 2003



G'morning!!! You smiling? k... look... smile already. It's friday and you know Santa's do'en his nails somewhere... :)

The [ :: web site :: ] regular friday morning picture can be [ :: found here :: ] !!

note: this song... it's the one from Trainspotting... you gotta love the line "that's like hypnotizing chickens"

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans... comfy and snug! [ :: and yeah, the insanity continues... :: ]
(gah! Why can't I just live in jeans and pj bottoms?)
~ Strong bad and a bluenotes 'red stripe' sweater
~ er... well, I have a presentation this aft... on all that stuff we've been working on this week.
~ write about Survivor over the lunch hour... :D
~ a few other things... :) :D
~ and try to zooooooooom home a bit early to see what I can help with in getting ready to receive our Christmas Guests... we got houseguests this weekend... there will be pictures! :D
~ tonight? er... well hoping to see a man about a horse but I can't keep my hopes up too far...
~ movie maybe. :) that... or running naked through the snow... although... the snow is damn cold... we'll see.
~ this muffin was warm... just a sec.... k... back (with a warm muffin!!)
~ that Ashley has fun and is safe and sound with allyn and Jodi!!!
~ darl'en missilv would grow up soon... ~ snicker...
~ that the vibes keep on a rolling for my friend giggly_girl
~ that my long time buddy khisanth get's her boots! :D
~ my friend - ever so very far away - reeris has a safe trip to istanbul....
~ and to send lil'sugar indianasweetie all kinds of good karma... .just 'cause...

alrighty ... pardon my francais... but what a great fucking day... it's a bit cold but it's sunny and blue... and yeah, there's "Feet" of snow falling somewhere and no doubt here soon but for now... it's a beautiful day. I just want to grab it and squish it. Now that's usually a sign that some shit is gonna come down at work but too bad. It's gonna take a lot of work to break my spirit today.
Today I am spirit boy! and even though it's been almost two years since I could listen to 3WV Radio (waaaaaaaaaaaa) I'm still the happiest little camper in the playground. :)

See ya all later on and don't be hypnotizing any chickens... you'll just have to pour water on their heads. Tra-la-la! er... never mind...
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Two guys so freaking busy trying to let each other go first that the elevator doors close on the way in...
then they DO IT AGAIN on the way out of the 'vator...

Reason # 18 why it's a good thing I don't own a hand gun.
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Survivor IIV Update!!!

Survivor VII : Pearl Islands

Is that a cucumber, or are you just glad to see me?

Wherein... Sandra, may she develop several nasty yeast infections, is once again left agog at the results of the voting... and JonJon goes that extra mile to secure his place as the most despicable human to appear on this show. Oh, and Burton took off his white guy mask and, it turns out, he’s actually Barney the Big Stupid Purple Dinosaur.
Ps. There be shooty-goodness here. :D

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shake it ... shake it... shake it like a polaroid picture.

Ok... first of all... my thoughts are heading over to TO to visit with princessblondie and do a little metaphysical hand holding...

Presentation went well... I prol'y ought not to have said "dumb ass" as often as I did... but there you go. :D hahahaha... no really, it went great.

Now the week is done and today has simply rocked like madness.... I could have been busier... if I HAD EXTRA ARMS... gah!
Lord grant me the opportunity to reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelax. :)

Kimberly and Keith will be at our house in ... oh... about 3 or 4 hours.
Z has prol'y been a cleaning machine... she gets that way about company. :D
and yes, I help... 'cause I'm good at doing what I'm told. Hell I even say "please sir, may I have another" on occasion, but that's a totally different topic... I'll save that.
Now, one wonders if computer free saturday will be put off for this weekend? We'll see.

It's time to go... pack up my working universe and play bumper cars with the other commuters...
No really... sometimes I just can't understand why we all don't bump into one another more often...
I mean, besides the fact that we'd all go broke, and there just isn't enough room for all those auto-body shops.
That must be it... we don't want to make too many body shops.

OBSERVATION: When I first started LJ'ing... my first ICON was what you see on this post. I've added and removed several... but I do remember that using a picture of yourself was not as common by any stretch back three years ago. I love seeing my lj friends pictures and especially in their icons. There are loads of 'em now... :D (smiles a happy zone).

Ok... I gotta jet but believe me... I could blather on about what a great mood I'm in and if I ever got around to telling you why.... all y'all would figure large in that part of the story.

Later muchachos et muchachas... play nice. :)
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