December 3rd, 2003



hahahaha... don't ya just love the look that the little orange dude is giving you... no, not me... the finger puppet thing...
I still pressed the off button (versus the snooze) and slept in a bit today... but whatever... :)

Work day started with Shock and Awe!!!!
Walking back from coffee-kitchen with my mug of coffee... holding it with "claw hand"
you know, over the top clasped with fingers like one of those claw-crane vending machines that make you think your gonna get a bear?
Yeah... well, I rounded a corner and somehow set up a wave front in the cup that went wrong...
Coffee shoots straight up into my palm... that was the Shock part.
Of course, I immediately open my hand.
coffee mug didn't break... but I waisted coffee.
That's the Awe part. :D

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ dk blue t hiding under an uber comfy sweater...
~ finish a report that's due Friday... making thursday significantly less stressfull... :D
~ West Wing tonight ... I think.
~ phoning the good people at Satelite Dish's R Us and placing an order. (please imagine me jumping up and down)
~ making arrangements for this weekend... what? well, I'll be having kimberly27616 and her hubby man nortacon staying with us... be jealous of me... they are wonderful people!
~ to alert the FBI of the notorious tonya Mz's Cracker-Hacker ... she's like the next big international criminal mastermind... be afraid... and lock your doors! :)
~ that a very nice friend... sweet pixiecup just get's ... less stressed... and enjoys her day.
~ to shoot a large, decorated, basket of lj love'en out to sugar-bronze... (bramey) 'cause ... I wanted to... that's all.
~ that my friend sleep_walker finds the chances to love more.
~ and word!!! I could fill a page with wishes for friends to get over evil colds, flus and other seasonal maladies... grrr... good health be yours! nordicgrrl, willedit and thatthingido to name just a few...
~ big congratulations out to my personal African Queen... go you teaser.

The ongoing story of the young [ :: woman from Grand Forks :: ] that was abducted last week... no new news other than the arrest of some freakazoid they suspect and something about a [ :: car :: ]. See the thing is... maybe somehow it's strikes a cord deep inside... but I'm remarkably emotional about this... every time I think about it I have to pause and recover. I literally prayed for her safe return... and I never pray. man... ok, I'll stop now.

I know they're a day late... but;
Happy Birthday out to serpah and thedreamingtree!!
Serpah got the worlds greatest gift from his darle'en wife last weekend... but he can't unwrap it for ... about nine months... :D A birthday to remember my friend!!
and Lil'Cack-snacks... thedreamingtree... happy birthday sugar. You have a wonderful spirit and I hope this year brings you plenty of chances to exercise it.

ps.. this song... man it takes me back to soccer games about 16 years ago... long story. :D
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Note: When I called Bell... at Satelite / Mobility "Bundled Services"....

She answered the phone... "Good Afternoon. Bell Services... How can we bundle you today?"

This, of course, had me laughing and biting my tongue... :) hahaha...