December 2nd, 2003



Yeah... my reaction to yet another inbasket loaded with invitations to see the skank-o-matic Paris Hilton doing farm animals or something ... bah! enough already...

and for some real excitement... you could always see me [ :: mining my ear canal :: ]... as a delightful friend pointed out by sending me an image from my "last 10 minutes" page... hahahaha You are sooooo glad to know me ... aren't cha... :)

You know... you are responsible for yourself... first.
Then you are responsible for your dependants...
After that... it's really a personal choice.
People who take the worlds problems on their shoulders
are gluttons for punishment.
It's a lot like passing judgment...
Judge yourself... harshly if you want, but why?
Judge your dependants, but have a level hand... it's going to make a difference in their lives.
Judge NOT the world around you... what makes you think you're so smart?

We are citizens of the world... not it's owners.

Hey!: Do you know occipitaldruid...
Christine is her name and she posted about these boxes she's making for christmas gifting...
You should go check it out!!! [ :: click me to see Christine's box (lol) :: ]

~ blue ftls.
~ dk beige dockers
~ black t and a dk blue button up shirt... it's some material that prol'y has a special name but from my point of view it's what corduroy would look like if it were a baby... like "little corduroy" ... whatever... :D
~ a smile... promise... even though there's no smile in the pictures this morning... ~!
~ still hoping dude remembers the Sopranos DVD set... :D (fingers crossed)
~ make up the stuff I ducked out on yesterday when I left early...
~ more visio and a bunch of slides for a PPt show and tell about why we're recommending we stop doing a specific something at work in the DUMBEST possible way... weee.... fun.
~ to TURN OVER A NEW LEAF if it freaking kills me... I have to go to bed earlier... please please please self... listen to yourself for a change!!!
~ my lil sugar at home would get better and find her voice... wait... no never mind... hahha...
~ I could put on a ten gallon hat, some butt kicking boots, look kinda cool (but only for a sec) and give Deb (the incomparable nordicgrrl) several swarthy hugs... then run away. but of course, I'd be a bit awkward on the boots... and besides they're slippery when they're new... so "running away" would involve much arm swinging and falling...
~ you'd go and read [ :: this post :: ] in inspectorjury's journal...
~ loads of "get better wishes" to just1girl... chicken soup!!! and fresh fruits and vegetables... eat!
~ to extend some heart felt congratulations to princessblondie!!! go you lil'sugar... :D
~ and groovy vibes to my buddy notcharming... just 'cause.
~ oh, and a little kiss on wizbanger's forehead... (snicker)

Dear President Bush;
Please blink... enough already.
You are perilously close to becoming one of those historical figures future generations will use as examples when they say "If you had a time machine and a gun..."
Thank you.
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(no subject)

Standing in the washroom,
Basking in the glory of being a guy.
No makeup... No lip stick.
Hot water rushing over my hands
Splashing it across my face
Washing away moments of weakness
Revitalized with the warmth,
Soaking in the fresh feeling.
Turning to find...
... an empty paper towel dispenser.

~ picking toilet paper off his lips.

go me.
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