November 28th, 2003


Holla! :D

See that smile?!! Yeah... it's Friday, it's raining... it will snow before I sleep and winter will wrap it's crusty, nasty hand around the world I live in any second now... and ... and????
I couldn't care less!!! (well, don't hold me to that...) but for now... I couldn't care less.
It's a wonderful day in the world of me.
Good friends... great family... and I've been managing to have good fun. :D Yeah!
I hope y'all have some good stuff going on to... :)

~ black stripee ftls
~ blue jeans... fresh out of the dryer... yum
~ strong bad!! and here's friday's "other" picture, oddly maintaining a grip on a [ :: strange sort of vanity... :: ]
~ demin shirt... it's comfort clothes day... :D
~ well it's about 10:45 and I've done about half of what I came to work today to do... not bad.
~ time to draw several excellent layouts in Viso for a solution architecture... stuff that makes me look all smarty pants... but ... don't be fooled. :D hahaha...
~ tonight? I'm hoping my buddy at work brought in his BOX SET of Sopranos Season 4... 'cause .. you know, I don't swear enough already. (edit: he forgot the disks... drat!)
~ that things are ok my friend distortedgirl
~ a woman on my friends list decides to go blond again soon...
~ that my sweet friend willedit... Misha... and her family have some good close family time... just 'cause.
~ for grand good vibes to roll into Charlottesville, VA... because... then they'd be near nbbmom
~ and that missilv doesn't crush anyone... (snicker)
~ for the weekend to bring a blanket of good and warm vibes to all my friends...

46664.... do you grok that number...
there's a big ass concert in South Africa this weekend...
Monday is International AIDS day... and people... A.I.D.S. stands for Africa Is Dying Slowly.
Hope! Have plenty of Hope.

There are so many simply unbelievably good people in the world that LJ gives me...
it's a shame we can't all be together for a weekend of hanging out.
I'm feeling a bit schmoopy about all y'all lately.
I cruise a pathetically long friends list of entries and marvel at the range you guys have...

It remains very clear to me that I am one hulluva lucky duck.
Love you... long time... with bite marks.
No really...
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sudden and almost comprehensive power outage.
half the computer systems supporting my work are gone...

now I'm sitting here trying to figure out if I should go home early...