November 26th, 2003


moo... it's wednesday...

Well, I had a serious scrunchy, crusty face for the pic for about 10 seconds - being aggrivated at the lateness of the hour - but I decided to do a quick attitude adjust... :D

Hi... how's trix?
I ambushed a guy in the elevator this morning... I had my "bag" and a coffee mug... (hence one hand free) and he had three boxes of Krispy Kream donuts... no hands free... SNAG! That would be my very first KK donut... it was a plain glazed... Kinda cakey... but very yummy... considering it's just a sugar coated, bent, tube of deep fried fat... yum. :)


So far... in all the "Get Fuzzy" comics I've read in oh these many months... my fav line is "You're standing real close to Punt Cat Point there, Buck." (had me laughing embarassingly loud). :D

~ red stripee ftls...
~ dk beige dockers (several months old and still wrinkle free... er... yes they get washed... :D)
~ red p-z golf shirt
~ a really comfortable, soft, two tone beige sweater with a marginally pretentious tommy tag on the sleeve somewhere... do you think sweaty kids made it?
~ project meeting at 10:30. the fun never stops...
~ rest of the day? more of what yesterday was all about... more comparative documentation to justify a decision everybody has known is right from the get-go... you know... useful stuff
~ tonight? Is West Wing new tonight?
~ just a few moments of lj love for a precious family... my very long time friend willedit and her hubby man and buglet...
~ to point out that txgirlie is pretty much ... comfort food. :D squeeeeze.
~ my friend flightyone the comfort of knowing that every day... is another day under your belt on the march to tomorrow... things will feel better tomorrow... and you're not silly!
~ that redfenix stocks up on mascara... you know, with that third eye and all... you're gonna need it... :)

Happy Birthday Topaz!!!!

Today is topazgrrl's birthday... She's a forever Lj friend... I've known her forever here and nothing will stop me from holding onto her friendship as life slips into memories. :D
May the year ahead bring you more time ... time with him... time with them... time with you... and time with us...
I love you absolutely to pieces sugar sweet... thank you for being a friend for so long and for never letting go. :) You are special... (see the song!)

You know... there aint no TOE like LEATHER TOE... :)
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More Birthday moments....

zoooooooooming in to say Happy Birthday to a couple of wonderful women... The Toy and The Donna. :D

Happy Birthday Toy (dailymom) ... I hope this year brings you and the men in your life (snicker) some better breaks ... and that you have the chance to make plans. Good health and great love in your family remain my hopes for you. You are an inspiration in your dedication.

Happy Birthday to the self - described - psycho magnet!!! psychomagnet... Sugar? You are "all that and a bag of chips"... a woman ripped from the poetry of star struck boys the world over and while that make you a magnet for the rubber room crew... I know it's a hard earned reality. I hope you have a fabulous year that is filled with the love of good friends and all the happiness you can squeeze into your world. Your smile is a gift ... thank you.

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An audience... a stage... a spot light

Ok... you can see a Hawaiian type bongo player in your head right?
Shiny, slightly brown skin, green leafy necklace, grass skirt and decorations at ankles and wrists...
Got it? Ok... Bongo Guy walks on stage carrying his drum (one tall floor standing bongo) into the spot.
He adjusts the drum a bit... then starts a rhythm... 4 time tap, repeat...

A classical Bass player. A woman... Lovely gown... Hair done up like there she's part of a wedding party.
Walks on stage with her little stool... places it at the edge of the spot light... walks off...
comes back with another stool and places it upstage... walks off... and comes back again with her bass
You know what I'm talking about with "bass"? Like a cello ... except it's a bass (and sorry if I'm using the wrong term)
She starts adjusting herself and lays in a very sparse accompaniment to the bongo boy.

A county boy... Grand Ol'Oprey style... with a fiddle and a short mic stand.
He comes in and places the mic stand up stage and takes his place back a bit.
A few notes... but, like the bass player, he's just testing the strings...

Meanwhile Bongo boy is holding down a wicked back beat. Imagine his ample waist line swaying, and a
Blues Brothers kinda foot work thing going down.

How we doing so far? Drums, Bass, and a Fiddle...
Now the voice...

Out from the audience... walks a girl... youngish... say early 20's.
HARD CORE GOTH... white makeup, shredded jeans with cat in the hat style leotards under 'em.
Jet black hair... lacy top under a tight, ripped tank.... dark red lips... not quite black.

Mopes up the stage steps...
Sits on that upstage stool...
Grabs the mic...

and bongo boy kicks it over as the bass, and fiddle fill out the session
carrying it up to her voice... filling the room with a dramatic, high
and hard re-take on Heart of Glass
"once I had love... and it was a gas...."
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it's like someone scripted tonights episode of survivor just to make it the perfect hater episode.

I am in awe of the material that rained down on me as I watched. :D


It's the 26 of November and there's not one speck of snow on the ground.
... and it's even been kinda mild.
We had serious sticky bbq'd ribs tonight ... prol'y the last big bbq before I'll need a shovel to get to the Q.
(they were scrumptious!! :D)

My cold is doing much better ...
although I am still something of a booger factory...
(bet ya loved that lil'bit of TMI)

However, the admiral, a gingerbread cookie and some fresh coffee have conspired to give me a few minutes to relax and geek out a bit.
It's been a good day.

I hope your day has gone at least as well...