November 24th, 2003


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wow... harsh reality... running two interfaces chews the living crap out of a Redhat server...

No idea how to analyze this... well, I mean... i'm off to read logs but it's looking like memory is just being tapped.

Architecture: Redhat 8 kernel 2.4.20-18.8 on a 686 p4 400 is the gateway... pppoe... static ip.
~ two desktops on a 100 switch... and the 1/4 gig of ram on the redhat went down to kbs and top said I was using swap!!

so yeah, I'll put in more ram... but what's not letting go of memory? On the server? gah! ?? The interfaces are on desktops!


Time for bed... I've got to go to work tomorrow. ug.
see ya in the morning. :)


Good morrrrr-nig.
(roll that R like you totally dig french... you don't actually have to dig french... just "like ya dig french"... I mean, I wouldn't want to go getting "exclusionary" wirh first words)

The Weather (exciting huh):
Mild... the day is starting out "mild" and that's like a 45 automatic hiding inside folded newspaper ... 50 km winds will usher in 15 degree temps (which is "kinda warm" in American) and rain... which will turn to SNOW... wtf???? how'd we go from kinda warm to freaking snow? Late fall is basically mother nature being a stoned teenager ... no idea where to go but madly dashing off in all directions.

~ red ftls
~ black sorta jeans...
~ black t and a dk blue button shirt.
~ I need new shoes... I'm going to go looking for shoes tonight... really... er...
~ a matrix of pro's and con's about a shared and non-shared HP OV implementation...
~ another matrix, but this time about the NT version versus the UNIX version.
~ to feel somewhat like ass all day. I mean... it's where I'm at... so I might as well face it...
~ to open up el server ( tonight and see if I can cram more memory into it...
~ to shoot some good vibes over to Ms. Stephanie. ... just 'cause...
~ I could have been at that exciting Tampa / Carolina game last night... I mean, how do fans put up with that much drama... the crazed excitement... the tension... snarf.
~ for better health to find my sweet friend reens...
~ and for better everything to find sugar-Sax... (saxton)... :D
~ some quiet little wishes for sugar-bree...

That metalic sound of machined parts sliding into place and clicking... the sound that cool TV hand guns (and maybe real guns) make just before the bang... shhhlick - click - BANG! I heard the shhhlick - click edited into a song this morning and though it sounded cool.

The left side of my brain is busy trying to internalize a little learing about "assault weapons" which, in sharp contrast to a-pepper-weapons, are the target of much legislation in the US. You learn something new every day... or at least you should. It's kinda disarming (no pun intended... although it's kinda good... :D) to realize that the current leg (US only here, btw) is really just a check list of features on relatively new weapons... hit too many and you've got yourself an assault weapon, and if it's not so new... then nobody really minds... "fill yer boots" is the order of the day... provided you have the cash. Gun control... kind of an oxymoron for the land of the free and well armed.

I'm still buzz'en on Alias from last night. :)


Tick Tick Tick...

My very sweet and long time journal friend, seepingsilver, is leaving in ... like 30 minutes... to go to the hospital and have her NEXT baby... Basically, she's working on a baseball team. :D

Take a second... and zing to her journal and wish her well.

She's a good and deciated mom and deserves to have a little wind under sails today.

Good luck today sugar... and may you and your family have nothing short of joy in your world.
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