November 18th, 2003


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k... night night...

yeah... so I said something to a friend...
and I wanted to keep it...

Happiness is like water... it finds the place it wants to be and you have to go to it.
If you treat it like a dog... demanding that it comes to you, it will only bite you.

ok, done. :D

Now I will wander to my bed and quite seriously collapes in it.
Ok, actually I'll take my mug down to the kitchen first...
Then brush my teeth (brusha brusha... Hi Lizzi), etc.
and then it will be... about 12:32.
THEN I will collapse in bed...
and at 12:33 I will be completely asleep.

night... sleep tight.


You know... I love that I'm stashing a record of these pictures with my little dudes in 'em... Life is long and I am going to be absolutely fat with memories of this part of my life.

Alrighty then... lets start today on the right foot shall wel...
You want to go here... [ :: Minty Ass Dot Com!!!! :: ]
No really... :D How great is that... I think I'll have some sent to ... oh wait... never mind. (lol)

I went to bed early last night... um... ok, early in contrat to what has become the new-normal in my world. The reality is, of course, that I will be fucking dead in a matter of months if I don't totally turn this around. However... last night was a start. Forty extra minutes of The Two Towers spinning in my DVD player does not bode well for the notion of keeping that bed-early-torch burning.

~ black and gray strippeee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ a gray t hiding under ma big comfy p-z turtleneck...
~ well now... today being the 18th... I'm going to Future Shop at lunch to pick up a copy of LOTR TT... extended edition (please understand that I'm all goofy excited. you know, like people from Jersey are going to be like about Gigli coming out in December)
~ work? yeah... got bunches of that...
~ tonight? well ok... it's either Movie with brother or doing something to distract myself from the notion that I'm not watching the movie... dig?
~ oh sweet stephiechai, I hope everyone is well or gets better!!!
~ do you know paleltlspider? you should.
~ to send ginormous helpings of love to [Unknown LJ tag] a very sweet friend
~ for better health to find zupper-girl-the-gnome-that-glows... wolfiegirl (get better... hell, get to the doc)
~ to say that being girli is good... ok abbeyrd of course, I'm thinking a minty ass is cool too, so you gotta consider the source.
~ and that sylph's little guy, Jacob, is ok
~ *cough* midnighthour... missed fear factor? serves ya right... Brat-ney? Dude!!! Wait for the pornos to come out then get yer brit-fix...

Some special congratulations out to a very good friend alma_perdida on becoming a member of the UoT Alumni... You worked hard sugar.

Do you work in a job where you have to check peoples ages?
and do you ask women who look over 18, 19, or 21 (depending, I suppose on the state you're in) for ID just to give 'em a thrill?

Ok... I really need to go make coffee... Some idiot keeps making decafinated coffee... fucker. Of course, I keep dropping cafine pills into the decanter*... I think it has about 500 times the cafine of a fresh pot of French Roast... that'll learn 'em.

K... later yo... :D

* oh man, yank them panties outta yer bum.. yer minty bum... I'm just kidding about the cafine pills.. sheesh...
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