November 16th, 2003



Wake up and Geo is ready to go... Edward, like his dad, would much rather sleep till ... whenever. :D

Morning... :D

Yesterday was busy, cold and ended with a great show my Sandra Shamas... man she can make me laugh.

So, did ya hear? They found out that Clay Aiken started life as a little boy... He's not a girl, in drag, afterall...

~ wake up warm stuff...
~ a little bit of something that makes my eyes wanna stay closed...
~ shower...
~ lunch stuff...
~ taekwando with the boys... i'm not sure if Z is better enough for her class...
~ ALIAS tonight... although... dude... that hdtv xVid rip of usnet from last week was better than it ever looks on my TV.
~ and... and... something... but I'm forgetting...
~ a very happy BIRTHDAY NUMBER ONE for little Daniel... (luker and reens's little man).
~ and that... hmmm it's still a few days off, buy my memory is a siv yo,... that pageeater has a great trip
~ and... chelebell... I hope you found clarity.
~ a truck load of wishes for my friend chrissmari... always.

k... So, little story time;

Yesterday, I took the boys on a road trip to cover off some errands. This included stopping somewhere to get a gift for my sis in law... We ended up at Daniers (an upscale leather place... and do not get me started... it's hard enough to get in and out of that store without fainting). Point is... we got some very nice gloves and zoomed home. Now, about 10 minutes later Geo tells me to look in Edwards boot. Apparently Edward has hidden something there. search search search and what's this? a little paper wrapper with a picture of a key on it? "Edward?"
The story comes out... While the boys waited for dad to pay for the gloves... they looked at the vanity boxes on display at the store... and Edward obsconded with a little key pack from one. I figure... ok, time for a mini life lesson... So I beat him... no no no no... just kidding... We talked for a sec and agreed that we needed to go back to the store (ug.. .on a saturday afternoon... gah!) and return the key and appologise.
So far so good... He memorizes his lines in the car "I'm sorry that I took this... (handing it over) and I wont ever do it again.". We get there, head into the store and find leather clad boss lady... He does his thing and she's all sweet about it... accepting his appology and forgiving him and shaking his little hand. Alrighty... we did good.
As we leave the store... we pass through the double doors of the store, we pass those security-tag detector panels... you know ... the things that flash and yell when you rip off any of the good stuff. Edward asks... "Dad? What are those for?" and I cheekily explain in a normal voice "Well those are part of the security system... They ring alarms if somebody tries to steal, to be a sneaky thief... (and with a bit of an gravely sinister voice) A RAT!".
Well just as I'm saying this... I'm turning around towards lil'Edward... and through the doors behind us is coming two ladies... then BING! The alarms go off when the first lady passes through the panels... Edward wheels on her... She heard me... and she is now officially withering under Edwards reproachful look. His big eyes are pinned to her and she litterally flushed, turned and zoomed back into the store.

K... thought I'd share. :D

Have a great Sunday.

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moment of clairity:
If I buy some smaller cake pans, the cakes will be smaller and easier to gobble up in one session...
versus eating a huge cake over several days...
hmmm... could be fun.

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time to go to wally land and buy cake pans...
grocery store to buy... well... food.

er.. wait... need some recipies...

google time.

edit: so ... six inch cake pans are not something one finds easily. rats.

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mm... lay down on love seat, propped against a pillow, saying to my self ... "self... you better not fall asleep like this... it'll really kink your neck!"



So no Alias tonight but I did rent Terminator 3.