November 14th, 2003


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k.. still wild windy...
Like, garage door with twenty five angry rugby players bashing on it... windy.

Time for bed...

t_funk... wake up tomorrow. mmk.
and maybe miss crismissinapril can have a good sleep too... it could help.

and a quick final thought for my day... sending some lj love'en to poonariffic... only because a little birdy said that would be a good idea.

ni ni... :)

morning... :D

man oh man... I'm seriously loving the phone posts... ahhh...
I hope they go international on the phone numbers...
but I wont hold my breath... considering the distribution of users on the planet.
whatever... the voices are fab. Love love love it!

Yeah so went to bed way too late... but that's only after turning a bad day into a hallmark day of great vibes and excellent plans. :D
Grab some bright colours... and paint me happy.
Life fucking rawks... oops...sorry, that was kinda crass... Mom? you reading this... lol...sorry.

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans...
~ strong bad!!!
~ the kinda-like-silk-but-really-just-some-chemical shirt... not tucked in, because it makes me cooler... hahahaa...
~ kodiak sox and shit kick'en shoes... :D
~ and!! to celebrate the 30th "Friday other pictures" I shot a [ :: major booty picture :: ] last night... careful... you're going to get turned on... (I love my pj pants!, and lemmi tell ya... you WANT video of that! bwaahahahaha)
~ oh yeah... I'm back to Friday being the busiest day of the week! gah!
~ dig up and present white papers on ESM to new project boss
~ go go go goofy on a visio diagram of a HP OV HA architecture... and if you grok that... then you feel my pain.
~ write about survivor... :D Lunch!
~ to continue being as happy as I am right at this moment... all day!!!
~ come on, really? do you read this?
~ hmm... wishing that my sweetbun ladyfire has a better weekend that her friday... mk!
~ oh and that today brings some very good vibes to a treasured moo moo beta phi omega alpha charlie hotel echo er... whatever... sweet adorable sugarvaulter
~ for the gods to smote thyn troublesome blood relatives dear galebird ... and thanks snookie... because of you... I got to say "smote"... can't remember ever doing that.
~ that I hear from Carolina soon...
~ to point out that razzberee has a great voice!!!!
~ and that - although I'm a little pissed she didn't offer to pack me in one of her suitcases - catherine has a crazy good time in Hawaii... and takes lots and lots and lots of pictures...

So does anyone remember Mark Tewksbury? He's having a battle royal with the trademark holders of the The Gay Games... and don't scoff, these are serious big ass events, multinational and prol'y a shit bucket more fun than the stuffy graft riddled crime scene that the olympics are... Seems ol'Mark... who, after being Captain Canada And His Gold Medals For Swimming came out announcing he's actually Mark Twinksbury, is Da Man for the Montreal bid to host the GGs. Unfortunately the GG dykes wanted to hold onto their record of bankrupting every host city... and the Montreal Bid Team wasn't play'en ball... There was an interview on the radio about this as I drove to work. Mark made good sense... but the chicka from the GG trademark people sounded like she was prol'y stamping her pink prada's and having a hissy fit... hahaha...

In case there is any doubt... I absolutely despise the IOC and everything they stand for... They are the worst kind of criminals on the planet... organized crime has nothing on these guys. Oh, and while I'm on the Olympics... WHAT IS WITH ALL THE CRAP ABOUT ANTI- DOPING??? ready? here goes...

The oxymoron that is embodied by the notion of Olympic class Armature Sport is a shit storm of special interests all focused on a few good men and women that get sucked into a life of punishment for digging a sport. Now we all have this big hard on for the drug aspects of the games... "gotta catch'em!" but what pathetic hypocrisy. The likelihood that any single athlete is the beginning and the end of the story when he or she gets nailed for using a banned substance... theoretically to improve their sporting performance... is small in the extreme. Sure, I can see that there are some cases when some dork from some backwards ass country pops a few steroids but forget that guy... Billy, Vanessa or whoever, does not sneak a FULL BLOOD TRANSFUSION on his or her own.
If they want to stop doping in the Olympics ... it's easy;
One Rule: if an athlete is tested positive for a banned substance, the entire national team he or she represents is sent home that day and they are stripped of any medals they already earned.
Make the whole organization suffer... because you know it's the coaches... secret sponsors and governments that are really responsible for the athletes being physically coerced or emotionally bent over to take the drugs and win win win win win win win win ...
//ok... all done. :D

ps. Lurkers reveal yourselves... email!
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dude... if flushing twice is what it takes to ensure there's no remnants...
then yo, flush twice.


There is no love for company bathrooms... anywhere... at all... blech.

(sorry... way wicked ick).
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Survivor 7 Update!!!

Survivor VII : Pearl Islands

Putt’en the Sting in Stingray.

Wherein... we can’t seem to avoid Lillian’s undergarments... and we learn the true meaning of fear as the editors subject us to Christa’s facial expressions while she tries to shoot a sling shot... She makes David Wilcox playing a guitar solo look positively normal.

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So Edwards stitches came out today...

[ :: click for a picture :: ]

Suz tells me that he was very brave. He had not fully internalized the idea that there was thread in his head... under the steri strips... So he was pretty impressed to see the little string bits.

Nemo made it out the wrapper after school today... and, no doubt, it will be played again on 'computer free day' (tomorrow)... while I zoom through Saturday mornig chores.

Suz is working hard at getting better... she's been battling the first winter cold of the season all week. She has to be better by tomorrow night... because we've had tickets to Sandra Shamus since ... well since July I think. We're going to the National Arts Center to see Sandra tomorrow evening!!! :D

As for now? The kids stayed up very late tonight... they're only just getting down to the business of sleeping... and I'm only just getting down to the business of finding the new harry potter trailer!! :D I've a fresh pot of coffee... and a "maxi-chunk kit kat" bar waiting for me in a cupboard downstairs...

ps. womens product offerings have forever destroyed the word "maxi" in packaging... in my humble opinion.

K... smack ya later... :)