November 10th, 2003


morning... :D

[ :: streams on for the morning, although I'll be in and out :: ]

Hellooooooooooo......... *bonk* (head on monitor)

Well ... up every two hours to check on his Mr. Head Like A Rock... who? Well, last night, just after their baths... naked little boys were playing in their room, when they were supposed to be getting in their pj's... you know... skin all clean and smooth... slightly damp... And Edward took a mean dive across the room and landed, forehead first, into the corner of the wall near the door to his room.
There was the tell tail depth to the sound of the thunk... and then the very telling tone in Georges voice when he asks Edward if he's ok... and then the cry.
We, of course, drop what we were doing... I get there first with Suz close on my heals.
Ed's wailing and holding his forehead. George is scurrying around in circles...
When I moved Ed's hand... oh man... a full inch and a half long, virticle chop into his forehead... and there was white along the center line...
I knew without question that this was a hospital trip in the making.
And then the blood. Good god but head wounds bleed like mad. My naked little boy was about to be a wash in it.
I grabbed a clean sock from a hamper close by, pressed it on his head and grabbed him into the air and made for the bathroom.
He stood in the tub, while we held back the flood and got him dressed in sweat pants and a top then made for the car.

[ :: his little head looks like this... :: ]
(crummy picture... but it'll do for now.)

The doc put three stitches in his head and some 'steri strips' to hold it all together... it's a little grusome now but it'll be fine.
I was more than a little panicked but we drove safe... fast... but safe and besides my blood pressure, everything turned out ok. :D

~ a maniacle grin... brought on by a life lived pretty much like an action adventure movie...sheesh!
~ green ftls
~ blue jeans...
~ and a blue T
~ on spending the day at home... taking care of my little family.
~ I'm thinking opening the Nemo DVD today might be a good idea...
~ searching the internet for adequate reviews of Alias from last night... WHICH I MISSED BECAUSE... I'M AN IDIOT.
~ picking the pieces of my shattered VCR out of the wall... ok ok ok... no, not really... but man.
~ tonight? no idea... maybe rent a movie... when does the new Laura Croft movie come out DVD? yet?
~ my little Edward recovers and the stitches don't leave too big a scar
~ for my cup of Z to get over her cold and catch a normal breath... poor lil'sugar.
~ to thank my very thoughtful friends...
~ and wrapping warm vibes all around my pal Jen... er... jennfromtx
~ I could say something helpfull for luc and reens but there's not good words when you consider the passing of a pet. It's just hard.
~ that velcro_girl gets to play with her Smirfs... :D
~ I could actually read all my friends posts... but I'd need to control the space time continuum first... :D
~ HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my long long long time LJ friend caroline75... wedding bells will be ringing soon for her and her main squeeze Carlos... I gotta say... wow. It's really quite something to have known you long 'nuf to see all of that in context. :D YEAH!!!!
~ and I hope the recruiter calls Steph... :D

Do yourself a favour today... think. I mean... it's so damn easy to go through a day and simply ignore the notion of thinking for yourself. Try it. You will be surprised. You are a smarter cookie than even you know. (and you look so good when you smile...)

There is nothing quite so easy as loving you.