November 9th, 2003



hmm ... k, that's the just woke up picture... but I just had a quick shower... [ :: and I'm less sleep en'crusted :: ] :D

We went to Matrix Rev's last night... and I loved it. There's plenty of unanswered stuff... but ... so? I liked a lot of what was answered and basically... it was just about as cool as I wanted it to be. :D (that's what it's all about... neo-geek-phreak-cyber-I-liked-william-gibson-kinda-cool. (neo - time ref... not the guy).

Saturday was all about taking care of business... my little Z is down with a cold... so it was me making her "stay in bed" and doing the day. It was a busy day. Oh, and the house that Geo went to for a birthday party yesterday... hahaha... we rsvp'd but until I went to their house and talked to mommy... I hadn't realized that Geos friend had pulled a fast one. They had a "mad science" party with a mad scientist there to make dry ice smoke, electrical arcs and petry dish "goo"... but they had invited only 8 kids. Meanwhile, the son had hand written 7 more invitations and handed 'em out at school... (i.e. to george). Well he scored big on the gifties I supppose and Mom and Dad were game... (he told them the day before, thankfully, so the Mad Science girl had enough "stuff"). But ... sneaky little devil eh. :D

~ black ftl's
~ beige p-z jeans ... beige? kinda tan or dark beige I suppose...
~ maroon t hiding under my "worlds most comfortable sweater" ... it's another p-z but forgetting the "p-z poster boy" issue, it's a chenile (sp?) thing and man... hmmmmm
~ zoooom in a few minutes to drive Edward to the "McDonalds Play Land Location" for a birthday party he's going to... at 11:00
~ taekwan-kicksomething-do at 2:00...
~ mostly, though, I'm planning on finding relaxing zones all day. Yesterday was a long day.
~ hoping for a new Alias tonight!!! :D
~ that I can grab the time to update myself on the life and times of sweet kitykity...
~ to shoot a few good vibes to my friend sixtyten...
~ I could catch up on birthdays... somehow... I need a plan. :D

Oyi... I need to hurry and get Ed ready to go... see you later.

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    arg... a bit rushed actually, but thanks for asking. :D


Yeah, so the lunar eclipse last night... it was a rather spectacular night for it... at least around here.

... and then we went to The Matrix... bwaahahahaha... :D

Ring the bell!

so back in October... one of my little guys turned 8. George.

We took him and eight of his friends to this place called "CyberDome" [ :: check out their website :: ]

There was laser tag... a great cake (that I made and they - as kids - did not appreciate... but that's ok... :D) and loads of fun...

but there was an important moment in the day... and I wanna tell ya about it.

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