November 7th, 2003




Welcome to Friday! Enough with the negative vibes about the matrix Moriarty. I'm fixen to enjoy it!!

Oh... the regular web site friday picture is [ :: here :: ]

Man oh man... it's sunshiney bright out there... my car had a layer of morning frost on it that was scrape-me thick but once I left the shadow of the house... bright sun. I've not needed sunglasses on the drive to work in a week at least. So what I'm saying is I have blue sky, bright sun, good friends, warm coffee, cute kids, a very scrunchable face, adorable wife and fresh crack. Say it with me... "Life is sweet!".

So when I'm in a bit of a rush... and doing my best room'a'zoom'zoom to get into the office... I need to remember that the chances of the car ahead being driven by the guy that sits in the next cube over increase exponentially as I get closer to the office. So much so that ... well... yeah.

~ blue ftls
~ unbelievably comfy sox (kodiak)
~ p-z cargos... sorta jeans too... but but... I dunno... [ :: friday's other picture :D :: ]
~ a black T and a blazing red stripe across the front of a bluenotes sweater...
~ um... yeah, work stuff... wohoo... see me contain my excitement? wow... cool eh.
~ write about Survivor...
~ spend lunch hour "there" ... before my free trial runs out... :)
~ tonight? dunno... but I'm guessing pizza for dinner and sort out babysitting for tomorrow...
~ that I don't miss the post that stephaniekaye will certainly make soon about catching her cat pooping out the door of their new cat box... I'm just say'en... :)
~ well... more like wondering... but it has to do with what's wrong with keefriffards's right one...
~ all the best to my good friends luker and reens... as they cope with a little pet related sadness...
~ for a speedy return to par for my pal breekola (and my my my you have a scrunchable face too... :D :D)
~ that all my lj friends have a fantastic Friday!!!! :D

I can't use what I can't abuse
And I can't stop when it comes to you
You burned me out but I'm back at your door
Like Joan of Arc coming back for more

garbage - vow.

So I'm just say'en... rock me outside.
You already rocked me inside.
And I'll always love you.
me - now.
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just say'en... if you are actually offended by getting a Christmas Card
because of some crap about christmas versus some other name for
a winter celebration...
you're an intolerant boob that needs to relax.

// this moment has been brought to you by the good folks in my little can of woopass.... :D
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Moments ago in my reality;

Ed: Dad!!! I know what the fountain of blood is... dad?

Ed: In warcraft... it turns orcs into undead form... FORM... not undead... undead form.

Ed: But it used to be the fountain of mana.

Ed: But Lord Arkimon...

Geo: No... (from down the hall) The big Greek Guy is not Lord Arkimon... he's the green guy.

Ed: The boss puts his undead blood into the fountain...

Me: Does this stuff scare you?

Ed&Geo: NO! ...

Man... remember playing Candy Land... sheesh.