November 6th, 2003



so... if, by some strange coinkidink... you happen to be standing in our home "office" (that's code for "the room with the computers") at about 1:30 this afternoon, you would have been treated to some cool magic. Well... not necessarily... but if, IF you were looking right at the book shelf beside my desk... er the lower shelf... you would have witnessed the appearance - as if from thin air - of a childrens book called "Halloween". You would have been amazed.
I know that this is true because at 1:30 this afternoon, George was handing a cheque for $6.95 to the librarian at his school...


oh and West Wing is sure going through some angst lately...

Tomorrow really needs to get here... so i'm outti.

See ya tomorrow.
ni ni...


I need a mood altering moment. er... and even if that sounds like all I need is a really big pharrrrrrt... that's not it. I mean, a big brrrrrrap would do anyone good but the issue is really something more cerebral today. I shall set about mood altering pursuits directly, and inform you of my success at some later time. mmk.

Any one out there keeping up with the story about the Canadian dude that was sent to Syria by the US? His name is Maher Arar (*read about it :: here :: ) You know... and you may just frigging hate me for saying this... but there are times when I listen to various news items about shit going down or that went down in the middle east and I think to myself that the entire region is the most backward ass, hell on earth, planetary stain possible. Sometimes I feel sympathetic for the people there but that's something I feel in between longer moments when I think that the whole pharquing place would look better glowing in the dark from radiation spread like birthday cake icing...

~ black stripe-y ftls
~ ma new black pants... kinda jean...kinda not...
~ strong bad!!
~ groovy bluenotes shirt... has the er... hem? with a notch that looks like maybe it's not spos'ed to be tucked in... although I have... but not today... untucked and unbuttoned because... because I am a lost in the illusion that my clothes talk ... and this shirt told me it wanted to be untucked ... so there.
~ stubble... didn't shave today... but not because my clothes are talking to me... Actually it's because a fag suggested not shaving every few days and I figured cool... I can be lazy and at the same time make like I'm taking the advice of the queer eye boy with the unpronounceable name... sounds like Kyene Pepper... or something... regardless... Can't you just see the Cook guy from QEFTSG wedged in a garbage can in the hall in High School? (geez... all that over "stubble".)
~ various crap that is, once again, going to sound a whole lot like "taking a training course and working on a document" wohooo... dance dance dance... then put a bullet in my temple.
~ lunch with coworker... fun
~ cross my fingers..
~ an afternoon of fun, thrills and chills ... doing more of that on-line training course (which, btw, is kinda cool, but it is mind numbing.)
~ It's a Survivor Night... and we find out who comes back from the dead tonight. Should this epi be called "Dawn of the Dead" or "The Evil Dead"??
~ I hadn't dropped my hover board...
~ I could afford things I can't... me me me... all about me... (Yikes!!! Flashing back to one of the Brady Bunch movies when the little black girl is whining to her mommy on the beach "Moesha Moesha Moesha! Why does everything have to be about Moesha?!")
~ to point out that phej *cough* rocks my knickerbockers... er... my hose... my pantalooons... my superhero styling spandex singlesuit... er... or .. he can just rock my sox. :D
~ that I could have read about how midnighthour brought the smackdown on the nasty nurse... but alas... like the rest of us... jail is a decent deterrent for him. :D :D :D
~ hey Moms!!! Remember when you were sitting alone in your room, wondering how you were ever going to survive on this little sleep? Yeah... my biggest wish is for sweet traffic girl amyaustin to get a little sleep this weekend...
~ to thank breekola for my morning smile... all she did was have that icon... and I'm smiling... go look at her icons... you'll see which one I mean (it's her default one as I type...).
~ for good PT Interview results today for my bud wbahner... :D

We should make a community to post links to pictures found at WebHost "The Site That Forgot All About Security"... my pal Ray found this one... hahaha
There is just soooo much fodder in one place... (remember the trick is to try a variety of two letter combinations in the URL... ;)

Todays song by Killing Heidi... I wonder what happened to them... great song yo.
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