November 4th, 2003



ALRIGHTI-NOW... it's snowing... or at least it was when I woke up... and I realize we had a gloriously warm Halloween and it's November and it's supposed to snow... but damn... seven months of crap starts now and it's just such a freaking drag. Why is it that I don't live in the hills around Denver?

Oh, and a slightly less surprised look on my face [ :: in this picture from this morning :: ]

So I couldn't log into lj last night... and I read a "support bulletin" today talking about some issues... and I remind you... S2 is the debbil. (snicker...)

~ black ftls... (um... forgot actually, had to check :D)
~ dk blue dockers
~ light blue mock neck ... mock mock mock mock mock mock....
~ delicious heavy sweater... did I mention the snow yet?
~ hmm well, another series of lessons on the Project Management training...
~ still need to start work on that OpenView HA plan.
~ freaking HAIR CUT... gonna take my daddy's computer back to him... and get a hair cut... er... save for a handful of cuts... mom has cut my hair my whole life. (this is where people that know me begin making jokes in earnest.)
~ dream of owning a dvd burner so I can backup video projects hahaha...
~ maybe a movie tonight... that might be nice... oh ... wait... maybe watch Matrix Reloaded again (bought the dvd but watched it only once... it's been on the loan-it-to-friends circuit ever since.)
~ that tonya (the very married Tonya) stays out of cars today!!! hell, I'd say slap a mouth guard in regardless and stay away from doors that swing in...
~ a happy first tooth day to little Danny... that would be luker and reens little boy. He's gone and cut number one today... :D (prepare for parental scaring... chomp)
~ for the space to make decisions finds my friend mrssuperbad... her own decisions.
~ you can have more than 10 user pics now? freaking cool... although I think I better figure out how to have an actual journal account past this month first... hahaha...
~ for bright sunny days floating in an ocean of love for my friend serraph
~ and you cannot imagine the number of wishes I have for ladyfire...

I posted a new "Day In My Life" album... but I managed to do it in the middle of the night... [ :: so here's a link. :: ]

k... mini rant... kinda like frosted mini wheats... but not wheat... not frosted.. and not cereal... ok... not like frosted mini wheats at all ... however that does remind me of how hard I was laughing at the guy in Queer Eye For A Straight Guy the other night when they shaved his back and he called himself a frosted mini wheat... and he wasn't wheat... frosted or cerial... So maybe my rant can be sort like a frosted mini wheat after all... Sick of me yet?? hahahahaha...

// rant on
K... in Canada we have land... land stretching from sea to shining sea and only so many people...
We follow a marginally representative democracratic process in governance so a big province gets loads of "Members of Parliament".
Historically, Quebec has attracted immigration by being generally lax about immigration laws, PAYING immigrants to settle there and charging less for paid immigration (did you know both Canada and the US have a policy that allows people to "buy" their citizenship? - but that's a side issue).
Bottom line... loads of people in Quebec... lot's of members of Parilament... and before the Geo Political Science geeks (like me) come banging on my door... I know the immigration issue is only a small part of the big representatioin deal for the Land Of The Poutine aka Large Heart Attack With Gravy.
Alright... so the thing is... you typically cannot form a federal government in Canada without winning some of the support of Quebec ... because the numbers tell you that you need 'em to win. Fine.
Just in case you live in a country where you are cut off from all forms of information about Canada... like The United States Of America... Quebec is famous for inflicting Celine Dion on the world and ramming french down the throats of anyone who stands still long enough.
The result of all this? Every freaking Federal Minister that gets his punk ass on english radio speaks like a fucking retard. Not the classy french accented english of say, Maurice Chevalier, no... They all sound like stereotype hacks struggling to speak without spitting. "ah wood lak do hav do hegs side by heech wid da bacon en de side ... mehbe a peeeace of tooost". This is why I love Ed Brodbent (although I hated his politics) ... but he spoke perfect french... with a hard ass western hick english accent... not a rolling "R" anywhere dude. And, of course, the francophone community would criticize him for it. Bloody hell... why does the voice of Canada have to be either a wench with a three and half foot long face or some francophone with a thick-as-sea-poop accent?
// k... I'll stop now.
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