November 2nd, 2003


Good Morning...

Hiya... :D

It's a grey and steely sky kinda day... the boys have had me up since 8:30 and, having gone to bed somewhere near 3:00 (ok, later)... I consider myself not actually awake. My little family is healthy and happy although work has been a source of great "consternation!" ** but ... maybe later on that one. For right now, life is all about today being Sunday. A day back with some friends and a bucket full of family stuff. :)

I spent a bunch of time putting div tag references (versus table tags) in my web site... and today I heard from a friend that the pages are whack!!! (as in messed up).... if you have a minute... zoom over to my web space... [ :: corto's playground :: ] and check my cam page... is it a total format dissaster? (if you can, screen cap it and mail me the image... -- to (ps. please, if you have the chance to check the page, send me an email and let me know if it was messed up or not... and what type of browser you use... :D)

Oh and I put up three new galleries of cam archives... :)

~ black ftls with my fav pj bottoms... all soft and flanelly and stuff...
~ big warm hoody! (holy crap it's cold out today)
~ and sox... warm sox!
~ to finish a game of "Middle Earth Risk" with Geo...
~ shower... and layers of warm clothes...
~ taekwando this afternoon... the fun never stops!
~ geeky moments with my dad's computer... and maybe a groovy new video card!
~ and ALIAS (of course)... :D
~ well you know... I have about 7 million wishes backed up in me but they'll have to come out slow! or I'll explode.
~ I am so very happy to congratulate my friend nutmeg on her recent engagement!!! (yeah!!!!)
~ and I wanted to just send happy vibes out to duhneese... just cause...
~ to thank my lucky stars that I sorted out what was what with wolfiegirl... 'cause I need my gnome fix!!
~ and to recommend that kimberly27616 please ask her weather man to trade with us....
~ that a certain Trinity (thatthingido) in TO enjoyed her halloween...
~ to see plenty of pictures from The Monstrosity! (wow that looked like fun!)

Hey... I shot another ADIML... (post it soon... promise...) on Pumpkin Carve'en day. Here's the gourds!! :D

(and no I did not steal lukers strong bad!! (Geo picked out the strong bad image for his pumpkin!! :D)

... and that's supposed to be Yugi! [ :: here's the pic of it in the light! :: ]

(hmmm... wonder what was on my mind...)

I cannot wait to share the pics from Geo's birthday party.!!!

** wohoo... I got to say "consternation"... like that happens everyday!