October 1st, 2003



Yeah, so news items can really set my shorts on fire... The Minister of Revenue, so an elected git who landed the "Revenue" portfolio, is on the radio commenting on the issue of six computers being burgled from a Revenue Canada office. They had personal data on 100,000 plus Canadians in local disk databases... ok... first of all, she doesn't actually know shit. She's calling them "Laptop Servers" and I've worked for RC on several contracts... last time I checked their Server Farms didn't have laptops. Second... why in gods name does a laptop have a database of protected data on it? Repeat after me... centralized data... centralized data...

And on the "bang" side... I read in the paper of a little boy that shot his sister through a door with a loaded handgun he found in the house. She's dead... another boy is injured. We're talking about 5 year olds here. Ignoring the rant I could heave off with about Chuck Heston, (may he be scratching at the sealed lid of his coffin) and guns... Let me just say, I hope the follow up on this story is about how the owner of that gun is being charged with Manslaughter for causing the death of that child. It's your gun... it's not locked up... it's YOUR FAULT fucknut.

I know there are big ass long arguments to be had on the gun issues... The worst part is that I cannot fathom the need to have a gun for protection... Silly me, not living in a war zone. Accounting for that... the notion that people don't actually need guns for protection (and if you do... then it sucks to be you), why doesn't the law say you have to leave the gun at the gun club? Bah... I know this is a hugely devisive topic so don't go off on me. I still think your forefathers were just hot and wanted the right to wear short sleeve shirts... but that's my problem. ;)

~ black and gray stripeee ftls.
~ beige dockers
~ red p-z golf shirt
~ two tone beige tommy sweater... :D
~ it's a West Wing night... :) So that's exactly what I'll be doing tonight. :D
~ to capitalize on the JOY of using cascading style sheets and roll out a massive font change to the hundreds of pages in my web space... by changing the code on one page. (hopefully this will address the issue you had Chrissi).
~ project one day... so it's time to get all wet with OpenView again... slog slog slog ... did I mention documenting? ug.
~ to remind texas... that texas will never be far from my thoughts.
~ that my sweet friend daikan... my long long longgggg time lj friend, finds the door into summer that she needs.
~ and that lil'atariprincess managed to get some sleep last night...
~ for a peaceful heart to find a place to hold tight inside my friend chrissimari... lot's of wishes sugar...

Hey... just a quick moment to introduce you to Mason.
Mason arrived last saturday... :)

Mason is the second child born to my friend maggie since I met her in lj.
I'm counting myself very fortunate to share such wonderful experiences....
Congratulations Maggie, Shawn and (lil'Mr.NumberOne) Logan. :)
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