September 30th, 2003


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Turtle neck.... word. It's cool out there... and no, not fonzy cool... brrrrrr.

Dude!!!!! ... in the words of Monseur weswilson... Ruh Roh!!! :D

~ redstripy ftls.
~ dk blue dockers (again)
~ big comfy beige with blue trim p-z turtleneck...
~ shit kicker shoes... just 'cause.
~ start my day at the doc's with Geo...
~ late for work... plenty to do... write and learn ... write and learn... Any Tivoli Experts out there?
~ finish a rewrite of the cam page components of my site... still rolling DIV position tags all over the place...
~ that lizvang get's down that world domination path a bit... you know... 'cause it sounds fun.
~ for only good smelling coworkers to find their way to amyaustin... I recommend Dolce & Gabbana. :)
~ that the powers that control the way the dice fall... spend a minute working the numbers for my friend frozenone and those tumble for his dad... My hopes are with you brother.
~ for a wee bit of respite for my wind weary Juan survivor ibean...
~ ... that you find it barefoot_dyke....
~ and that kumi gets the testosterone-drink'enboxes in her life sorted out... :)

Geo and his seemingly "neverending neck problems" ... third doctor visit today and I left with a referal to a back specialist... we'll see what's what. It's not devistating, but he had to call home and get picked up from school mid-day yesterday because his neck was so sore... so it's not getting better... gah! When your kid looks at you and asks in earnist... "When will this stop hurting?" ... your heart about bursts out of your chest.

K... gotta git... busy boy time.
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yeah... so; car cups.

You know the "tall" ones that taper slightly to fit the contemporary car cup holder?
And they have that little "slot" you drink from... and the weee tiny hole on the other side to balance pressure as you drink?

Yeah, that kind.
Ok, so if you drive over something bumpy... it splashes up a bit... but the cup rim is high so you ok.
but a little bit of coffe gets on top of the lid...

When you take a drink... yer nose bonks the coffee spot. And you don't care... 'cause yer driving. :)

No siree... it's not until 2 hours later when you go to the can, wash your hands and look in the mirror that you see...
The lovely big honking brown spot on the tip of your nose.

The freaking jokes are endless...
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