September 29th, 2003


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mk, that was a nice weekend.
Capping it off with Alias was exceptional. :D Sloan is evil... and Sydney rocks...

Clearly I need a good day of rest after being busy all weekend.
and, just as clearly, that is so not in the offing. drat.

I wonder what this week will bring?

ps. I hope my friends in Halifax and east are safe... Juan... evil weather is beating the hell out of the coast. Bean? batton down those hatches!

pps. it's not nice to mess with my friends.

It's sleepy time.
and ladonne has already said night-night... so it must be time for bed!

night. ;)

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Yes indeed... it's a monday... ick! Geo hopped in to the picture... I love that he really digs that...
Of course, he would rather make a bunch of faces [ :: not sure what this was but he did say "look, we've got beards!" :: ]

It was supposed to rain and be evil today... so far? bright sun and cool temps... sweater weather and tree's that are dying to burst into the flames of fall. A lovely day with weather issues. :D

The simple truth is that "what you know" will always play second fiddle to "who you know".
The complicated truth is that the "who" is just another "what" for people who play that game.
That just makes them small. Size counts when it comes to your character.

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ gray t
~ outstandingly comfry blue notes sweater... :)
~ ug... it's project two day... and I need to review more papers and work on a report... blah... sounds fun eh... belive me... it's all geek.
~ on smiling a lot... I'm tired as hell but that can't do a thing to the smile that's been living inside of me...
~ to get some video editing back on ... I've so many little geeky pet projects... and the video stuff keeps getting back burner'ed.
~ ah... well, I'm mostly wishing there was a new episode of Alias on every night this week... :)
~ to welcome home bramey and I'm glad all went swimmingly in Chicago!!!
~ to point out that ladyfire is all that and two bags of chips... baked, not fried. kiss.
~ that people would stop eating bad yogurt... ... :D

the silicon chip inside her head
gets switched to overload
and nobody's gonna go to school today
she's going to make them stay at home

boomtownrats... man that's a song and a half...
considering when the pen met the paper on that one.

Find it in your heart to have a great Monday.
People need to have some love and happiness in their lives
and if you have any to spare... sugar there are plenty out there with none...
So share. :D

k, works calling ... gotta git... :) see ya.
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bah... enough.

Headache has been lurking all damn day...
Home and advil are about all the future plans I can manage at this stage.

The day is done and now it's a question of making tomorrow a towering success.
Lets see...write two complex documents, and rewrite two others... oh and learn IBM Tivoli Workbench.
Yeah... easy day... hahahaha crap!

Tonight... tonight better involve my bed at a good hour or I will have to put myself to death tomorrow.


Later skaters...


Just a little bit of colour...

So heache plus advil equals... make dinner.
Chicken breasts... tiny little slit on one end... big opening inside... like a pocket.
Stuff it with fresh garlic and butter. Bread in a secret crumb... (crushed corn flakes... omg, they're good!.)
Seared and roasted... This was really really good.

Did some canvasing for the arithmatic arthritis societ with Z and am currently "snacking" the kids. Not "snacking on" the kids... "snacking" as in, they're eating something... All in anticipation of the rest of the bedtime rituals... Order Of Pheonix read'en time. :D

A monday night...