September 26th, 2003


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what a great day!!

today kinda rocked. :)

things kept going right.
I like that.

Does not happen all the time yo!

Sleep is just about to call... well, soon.

Now if I can only get tomorrow to go well too!

Patterns can be good... patterns of good can be great...

Patterns like the way each of these lines is a bit longer is just weird.

ok. night night.

Morning. :D

It's a squinty strong bad day!!! Now if I'd just squint a little harder I'd look a wee tiny bit like that dork Justin, from big brother... hahaha...
(yes... I know... very dorky picture... ug) :D

Today is a very little time to spare day... but ya know I'll make time for my nasty habits. :D wait... No, I did not just call you a nasty habit... LOL.

It's all about smiling... waiting for rain that is supposed to hang in all weekend (and we need to finish the kids fort!!!!) and being happy.
If it takes work... well good. It's a worthwhile effort!

~ green ftls
~ blue jeans...[ :: yeah baby... (oh my god they're comfortable today!!) :D :: ]
~ strong bad... ahhhh trogdor!!!
~ two tone button up blue thing... :D
~ dem shoes...
~ to serve my coworkers a peach upside down rubble bubble cake... in about 25 minutes... kind of a "Friday club" thing...
~ work work work ... fridays are mad!!!
~ write about bb and Survivor at lunch... :)
~ tonight? no idea... but I'd sure like to go the movies tomorrow night...
~ well, that raylenetaskoski's computer is resuscitated at some point... :) good luck sugar.
~ that the next 8 days??? pass with increasingly controlled degrees of stress for my sugar tonya... wedding bells can be heard in the middle distance... :)
~ that I knew how iiammaggiediane is doing... did she have her baby?
~ to shoot big props and bigger hugs out to kaar... just 'cause.
~ praying for the safe return of one wee bitty Hobbes... to sweet willedit and her buglet. :D
~ and breekola... just say'en... you are all that and a bag of chips! :D

RIP Robert Palmer... 54 years old and dead like... well... dead. He was a bit of an icon that boy... and I will always thank him for bringing a good majority of my petty fantasies or sorta-fetishes to life in Simply Irresistible... bright red glistening lips... serious makeup... squeaked back hair and black tight dresses that kinda almost sorta gave way to "hey can you see that?" as it stretched across full figured bodies. hahaa... and I saw him in concert FOREVER ago... yes... the girls were playing guitars.

Happy Birthday kitykity

You remain a treasured friend after these three years and I hope with all of my heart that time will stretch endlessly into the future of our friendship. You have earned so much with the way you have carried yourself and the friendship you have offered... May you find yourself in a year of results... love... kindness and I do hope that pleasure lives in your world... (maybe even to the point of limping! :D haha... ok I'll stop)
No really... Happy Birthday Susan... I hope you have a wonderful day, and a wonderful year ahead.

BB4 Update!! The Finale.

Big Brother 4 Update!!

The End.

Wow!!! Talk about going out with a whimper.
Of course, showing the jury the tapes - what did they do? Toothpick their eyes open and strap ‘em to a chair? - was a total mistake. A hail of automatic weapon fire would have been appreciated as the gang assembled to reveal their votes.

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Survivor 7 Update!!!

Survivor VII : Pearl Islands

Get Yer Hands Off My Manly Spear

Wherein... some skinny guy named Ryan finds out he floats... and cannot sink worth shit. Boy Scouts get the crap scared out of them and Tijuana practically drops to her knees to keep Osten from leaving. Oh and that Sandra is evil.

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yeah... ok... another week down.

Weekend ... here I come!!!

Ring Ring:
What do you want?
Well... Ok.
She's not here.
No... she's out with Shelby, again.
Well... yeah... but...
No... she said she'd be late...
Well, she did her hair all up fancy and had on nice clothes... so no.
Yeah but she hasn't mentioned your name in ages....
Well I don't know anything about that... I'm thinking it's all about Shelby now...
Hey!!! Don't talk like that. I'll hang up.
Ok... well yeah... whatever... I'll give her your message when they get back...
Yes... they. He's having dinner here... again.
Yeah whatever...
Good bye.

hahaha I love wrong numbers.
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do you know who "Dora the Explorer" is?

A kids show... like three year olds and up... quite cute apparently.
All I've seen is the web stuff... but Edward is quite enamoured.

Dora... explores, of course.

She also is latino... and teaches basic words every episode.
Opposites are standard fair for this age group.
So you get hot and cold, etc.
and Edward talks to the tv repeating and practicing.

Zebra tells me that they did short and long the other day...
Edward sitting in the family room, alone with the TV...
"corto... largo... corto... largo... corto... largo..."